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I know I’m tired and it’s late-ish and dark and I’m listening to depressing songs on Spotify… but the sads are a thing. 

I miss my friends from my old job. They were arses (lovely ones) some days, but mostly they were just plain gorgeous. I miss having people who GET me. There are no nerds at my current job… 

I play the adult 24/7 and ohmygod is it boring. I feel the crazed Potterhead, the sci-fi freak, the video game nutter wanting to break out and I don’t know how to do it. Must I crack open my blue lip cream and unicorn glitter eyeshadow? 

Anyhow, I’ll continue listening to these sad sad songs and read my ebook until bedtime. And tomorrow I’ll go back to pretending to have my shit together. 




I’m reading “The Little White Horse” by  Elizabeth Goudge. It’s been made into a tv series (in the 90’s I think it was) and a movie (The Secrets of Moonacre, 2008).
The book was published in 1947, and you can tell just by reading a few pages that English has changed quite a bit since then. I almost choked on my tea reading the above sentence… “…ejaculated Maria…” I think I’ll have more of those hilarious surprises coming up in the reading of this novel.
I really like the movie and I’m hoping to like the book as much. I’ll get back to you on how everything evolves.


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