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Well, I’ve had a week and a half of my summer holiday now. And time flies by too fast, I really don’t want this to end at all. 
It’s not like we’ve had excellent weather (it’s sunny but chilly and it really need to rain because the lawn is more yellow than green). 

I just really like being at home. I like getting to chose if I’m seeing anyone today, or if I’m not leaving the house. 

Besides, most of my friends are online (as in living in another country and not really someone you’d pop by to in an afternoon), or they live a 4h drive away, at least. 

I’m trying to figure out where all my childhood friends have gone to. And I realise I didn’t have that many close friends to begin with, three maybe? And they live ways away or I’ve completely lost touch with them. 

I’ve tried to reach out to the one living close by, but she’s so busy with her life that it’s almost impossible for us to find time. I guess she isn’t as interested in rekindling our friendship as I am. 

Ugh. I’ll just give up and cultivate whatever friendships I’ve made online. 

Hubs got me Mass Effect Andromeda a couple weeks back. It’s a very pretty game and so far I’m curious to see what the main story is about. What I have realised though, is that I’m absolutely terrible at FPS games. And I mean ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE

I can’t hit anything even if I threw the gun at them. But fuck that, I’m playing the game anyway and so far the only thing making me rage quit is a Remnant Architect. Mudderhumping three legged piece of robot shit! 

And I’m playing on Easy, so really, I shouldn’t have too much trouble. Why do I even play? Ugh. 

After lunch we’re off on a play date with the girls bffs, and I’ve made friends with the mum so I’ll be sat there drinking tea. 

Anyways, it’s breakfast time here and the horde needs feeding (if I can tear them away from YouTube and tv and other stuff that is). 

Take care, wear sunscreen, drink loads (of tea). 



· Because everything smells lovely when it rains
· Because everything smells lovely when the sun’s shining
· Because the sun sets at 11.30 pm and rises at 2.30 am
· Because ice cream tastes extra good when you have to hurry up and eat it before it melts
· Because you don’t have to put that many clothes on when you’re going somewhere
· Because the washing smells wonderful after hanging out to dry
· Because swimming in the Baltic sea and sunning on the cliffs is something I grew up doing
· Because Scandinavian summers are the best summers on the entire planet



Sun through the clouds

Last day of school! For the students (I still have 8 days before freedom).

We’ll be flipping burgers in the rain and I suspect some will play truant today… we’ll see.


ImageApparently I have (well, we ALL have) some kind of rocks or crystals in the ear. When these go on vacation in some other area than where they should be, it causes a sense of dizziness and vertigo. I experienced this two years ago (when last pregnant), then it continued for about two weeks (and was a lot worse). I’ve now felt dizzy and slightly sick for two days, it’s not as bad as it was the first time, but man… it SUCKS big time! It helps to move your head from side to side, even better if you lie down, so that’s what I do (even though the dizziness gets even worse as soon as I sit or lie down). Since it’s not as bad as last time, I’m hoping it’ll pass soon (or I won’t be able to work at all this week, too bad. Too baaaaaad.)

We have a national holiday this week, Wednesday is May 1st and we all get time off from work (unless you work, then you’re at work). Next week we have another holiday on Thursday, meaning that we all get Friday off as well. I do so like May in Sweden…

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the hospital. Five years ago I was diagnosed with skin cancer, they removed the afflicted mole and I’ve been on regular checkups ever since. I find it kinda ironic that I, who smothered myself in sunscreen and was ever so careful, got skin cancer. After reading a poster at the hospital I found that out of 12 things listed I hit 10 spot on (blonde, green eyes, always red first then tanned, many moles etc etc.).

So peoples! Listen up: Skin Cancer is NOT all it’s jacked up to be. Be careful when you’re in the sun and stay in the shade between 11 am – 3 pm (that’s when the sun’s rays do the most damage).

Anyhow, I’m taking my dizzy self and playing some Kinect Adventures with the kids. Moving about is so much better than resting.


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