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Assisi lies about 400 metres above sea level, on the side of a mountain looking out over a valley.
It’s beautiful, even when it’s pouring down as it did when we arrived yesterday.
The Basilico de San Francesco is the most famous of the churches here in Assisi, we spent almost 2h wandering through the three levels/different churches there. Then we saw the town and the Basilico de San Chiara, where we ended the tour.
I had been drenched in the thunderstorm we ran through to get to our bus in Rome and had almost no dry clothes, this made me not really appreciate the guided tour… but after a shower and dinner things felt much better.

This morning I went to mass in St Francis church, very interesting since I’ve never been to a Catholic ceremony before.
I then spent an hour at a cafe, drinking cappuccino and writing a short story. This might be the one I send to the Acctuator Anthology, would be cool if it gets accepted since a major part of it is written here in Italy.

After lunch I’m considering walking to one of the other churches here in town, or maybe I’ll just walk around taking pictures.

It’s so nice to have no plans.



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