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Writing commentaries on IB1’s MOCKS and calling a man about a job, should take about two hours, tops. And then… time spent writing I guess. Two and a half days of writing, with almost no interruption (that’s just freaky and weird) and I might actually get somewhere with my stories. Shiny! 

I’m writing an application for a job and realise I need a picture to go with it… the ones on my work laptop won’t cut it, so I slap some face paint on and secure my hair with a paperclip. I’ll do some spit and polish with a photo app on my phone and Hey Presto! a completely decent job application photo (a girl needs to be creative and have emergency makeup in her handbag)!

I think I’ve applied for close to ten jobs in the last two months. I’ve gotten “Thanks, but no thanks” from three of them, “Thank you for your application” from another three, heard nothing from three other and the tenth is the one I’m going to send off today. When I spoke with the guy in charge he sounded very positive and he finished off saying he looked forward to my application, the best reaction as of yet (fingers crossed).

It really sucks to know I might be unemployed in a few months time. Yes, I have to see it as an opportunity to do other things, that this is probably a good thing (I’d never quit my job even though I was unhappy), but unemployment sucks any way you look at it.

I’m down to the last thing on my list: writing MOCKS comments. I have eight students to comment on and even though several will get boring comments (they did very well and have little to work with next year when it comes to English), I still feel like doing other things and hope the comments will go away or write themselves…

Nope, no such luck. The document’s still empty, better get going then.

I’ll just surf the interweb a wee a bit first… Image



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