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Yesterday was brilliant, not the seminar I had to attend in the morning, but after lunch I got to visit my favourite bookstore in the world! The Science Fiction Bookstore can be found in three cities here in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. It’s THE place to get your fill of scifi, fantasy, urban, horror or anything not mainstream fix!

Even though I have an extensive list of books and movies I really want to buy I ended up just bying one book, and that one wasn’t even on my list. Ursula LeGuin is one of my favourite authors and she has published a book about writing, it’s based on a writers workshop she held in 1996 and contains all kinds of exercises for writers. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to cover it. I want to think I’ll be as good as her after finishing these exercises… please let it be so!

I’m going to start working with this book as soon as possible, but I know it’s going to be hard finding the time for it. I have so much to do at work and maybe even more to do when it comes to my uni essay. It’s such a bummer that all my writing time gets eaten by all these trivial things like work and studying (if I could I’d say “Sod it!” to everything else, but I hear it’s good to eat now and then)…


I spent little over an hour browsing the various items they have in there, I found a pen and paper RPG that I played a lot when I was younger. Would be really cool the get my hands on that and play some with my friends. Too bad most of my RPG friends live far away right now and when we meet it’s more about catching up than getting to play. This particular game is called: “Drakar och Demoner” = “Dragons and Demons”, and I think it’s a Swedish take on Dungeons & Dragons (I might be completely wrong here, so don’t get too mad at me). 

I also found this great looking game called: “More than Human”, which had the scenario that some humans developed superpowers and then have to decide if they want to save humanity or destroy it (classic take on the superhuman vs. human story, but still very cool). It all takes place during the 80’s, so you have to think about that when playing: the clothes, the tech, world politics etc.

The fact that it’s not taking place in our present time might in fact be more of a challenge than trying to play someone with superpowers and struggling with being good or evil, because we can all relate to that struggle.

I grew up during the 80’s and have some memories of how things were, but I was a teen during the 90’s and the images from that decade are way clearer than the ones from the 80’s (duh!). On the other hand I love many of the artists that were big back then, so looking at their album covers I can easily picture how people (at least the cool people) dressed and wore their hair.

There was one more item that caught my fancy, a model of the Normandy, the ship from Mass Effect! I’d love to go complete nerd and buy it, but it’s a wee bit too expensive for me to buy at the moment. I spent some time flipping through the Mass Effect comic books as well, really like the way they’ve done them. Maybe some day I’ll be able to buy all that stuff (a girl can ream, can’t she?)…


Anyhow, I’ll leave you with a pic of me grinning like an idiot (don’t comment on that!), standing by a shelf consisting only of science fiction novels. The feel, smell and sight of all those wonderful books has my heart go all pitter patter just writing about it.

Books are one of the most important reasons for living, you can quote me on that!



I’ve always been a geek and I’ve always embraced my nerdiness. Since I’m such an attention wh— seeker, being “odd” has given me enough attention to believe I’m unique and special (and off course, we are all very unique and special, each and every one of us, but try telling a pre-teen/teen that!)

ImageGrowing up I had a bff who played the accordion, liked classical music and loved horses. She was even more odd than me, and with her I embraced my geekdom even more. It was she who took me to my first pen and paper RPG (roll playing game for you n00bs). A guy in her high school science class had asked her if she’d like to tag along and she decided to bring me with her – in case it blew and she wanted to leave (or the guys were all super wierdos and she needed to fight her way out of there, I was a tad more violent than her). The guys turned out to be super nice, geeky and (even if I didn’t know it then) my husband was among them. Bless her! That’s all I have to say about that.

It’s funny though, not counting my husband (we’ve been together for 13 years come August) I haven’t really met that many geeky men. Not that I’ve been looking mind you, just that I kinda thought they’d be all over the place (since I knew 8 of them in high school and they couldn’t have been the only ones around). But no, I’ve only met people that aren’t geeks och nerds, they’ve been super serious and haven’t understood my love of science fiction, fantasy, games and things weird.

ImageUntil last year that is! Now I have interweb conversations with quite a few people (men and women alike) about all the things that I love and the wonderful thing that is geekdom. I’ve discussed the characters in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, the importance of alien tech in sci-fi, co-written fantasy short stories and I can’t even remember everything!

Lovely lovely interweb, you bring us all together!

Something that isn’t as lovely is my hair (which I’ve bitched about for some time now, and you’ll get more bitching coming), I don’t know when I’ll get it sorted… it HAS to be nice before Friday next week: that’s when my office buddy/bff is having her party. Don’t know how I’ll get into party mode with THIS mop of ugly sitting on the top of my head (sobbing).

Well now, I’ve done it again… spent my correction time blogging. Yay me! Back to the giant pile of papers then.


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