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We’ve had the most glorious (last) days of summer.
Too bad I’ve been stuck inside with sick kids… the twins will have to be kept from school a few more days. The pox have yet to dry completely and wearing shoes is problematic.

My face has gone from painful and swollen to extremely itchy with stabs of pain if I’m not careful about what I do. Thank God the stitches are to be removed on Tuesday! Nine pieces of string that are to be yanked outta my face… Lovely.

There’s one week left before the big election here in Sweden and I’ve had it up to here (way above my head) with politics. They’re all fothermukkers and there’s not going to be a big difference no matter who “wins” this thing.
I loath politics.

Anyhow, I’d planned to paint my nails tonight, but it’s getting late and I think I’d rather go to bed.



5lwenmkoTomorrow is Valentine’s Day (not that that’s a big deal here in Sweden), and we’re not going to my parents. Mum’s working and Pirate has got a fever (and he says his ear hurt too, we’ll see how that turns out).

Instead we’ll go see Frost and maybe take a tour about town (promises have been made to Princess of new hair things). I don’t think tomorrow will be much different from other Fridays, and that’s very comforting.

This week our schools have a break, it’s sort of this “winter sports break” (though the snow’s gone…) and we have it same week in February every year. It’s been really nice to be able to stay home with the kids, we’ve baked things, eaten them and watched Avatar (Legend of Aang).

Tonight I’m going to try out Bounce (it’s a certain type of dance ya know) and my friend warned me that unless I’m Beyonce (which I sadly (?) am not) it might be rather or very difficult.

But hey: try everything once, eh? 

2014-02-13 - 1Anyhow, I’ve done my nails, Valentine’s style and plan to have loads of fun tonight.

Because, dancing is ALWAYS FUN!



I’ve (finally) finished editing my Viking Steampunk short story. Took me long enough! There wasn’t that much that needed doing, just a few commas to remove or add and a little tweaking when it came to the story.

I’m so proud of myself! 

In a minute I’ll send this version off and we’ll see what else needs editing before it’s all done.

I know there are more things I could blog about, but honesty.

I’m too tired.

Pumpkin was awake a few hours last night and I only got about 4 h of sleep (thus I’m really hoping this editing stuff’s gone well, and isn’t just my very tired brain thinking I did a good job).

Anyhow, it’s time for me to paint my nails. Because that’s what I get to do when I’m done with the edit. That, and drink more tea.


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