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So, I’ve decided to write this year. Write, as in: “Don’t you dare do nothing else with your time Yheela!”

And so far, I’ve not done too shabby.

I have a Swedish YA novel which is ~51.000 words, and it so badly needs a rewrite and edits and I feel like I should give this novel a go.

Like, I put so much time and effort into it that I’d be letting myself down if I didn’t!

I’d be lying if I tell you that I’ve written on my novel every day since I decided to do this. But I be been ~writing~ every day. Actually putting words down and making stories.

Only yesterday I finished a superhero short story (and posted it on my writer’s blog, I’ll try to make this a clickety link thing). It’s a huge thing, since I have that damnable issue with finishing my stories.

Like yes, planning my stories might help me with the times when I just sit there staring at the screen. But dear god help me, it’s boring af! And if I plan a story out I often never get to the writing part anyway.

I’m the suckiest writer.

Well, I suck at making plans and sticking with them and finishing stuff and things, you know. I like my stories though, even the ones that never amount into anything.

So anyway. My plan is to rewrite the story and have it ready to send to an editor by early summer (the latest). Then I hope to have a few months to do edits and (fingers crossed) I’ll send the manuscript to publishers before the new year.

Doesn’t sound all dumb, does it? I don’t know actually. But it’s my plan and I’m sticking with it!


Anyhow, dinner time (writing time) and all that jazz.

I love you, like for reals.



Well, I’ve had a week and a half of my summer holiday now. And time flies by too fast, I really don’t want this to end at all. 
It’s not like we’ve had excellent weather (it’s sunny but chilly and it really need to rain because the lawn is more yellow than green). 

I just really like being at home. I like getting to chose if I’m seeing anyone today, or if I’m not leaving the house. 

Besides, most of my friends are online (as in living in another country and not really someone you’d pop by to in an afternoon), or they live a 4h drive away, at least. 

I’m trying to figure out where all my childhood friends have gone to. And I realise I didn’t have that many close friends to begin with, three maybe? And they live ways away or I’ve completely lost touch with them. 

I’ve tried to reach out to the one living close by, but she’s so busy with her life that it’s almost impossible for us to find time. I guess she isn’t as interested in rekindling our friendship as I am. 

Ugh. I’ll just give up and cultivate whatever friendships I’ve made online. 

Hubs got me Mass Effect Andromeda a couple weeks back. It’s a very pretty game and so far I’m curious to see what the main story is about. What I have realised though, is that I’m absolutely terrible at FPS games. And I mean ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE

I can’t hit anything even if I threw the gun at them. But fuck that, I’m playing the game anyway and so far the only thing making me rage quit is a Remnant Architect. Mudderhumping three legged piece of robot shit! 

And I’m playing on Easy, so really, I shouldn’t have too much trouble. Why do I even play? Ugh. 

After lunch we’re off on a play date with the girls bffs, and I’ve made friends with the mum so I’ll be sat there drinking tea. 

Anyways, it’s breakfast time here and the horde needs feeding (if I can tear them away from YouTube and tv and other stuff that is). 

Take care, wear sunscreen, drink loads (of tea). 


IMG_1093Midsummer in Sweden is usually a cold and rainy affair (June is our monsoon month after all, though people tend to forget that) but last Friday was unseasonably warm and sunny.

Not that I’m complaining mind, it’s just so very unusual and I for one was taken by surprise. Off came the jeans I had donned in the morning and on came the summer dress I haven’t worn in years (only because I haven’t bothered with mending the torn straps until earlier this year).

We had a lovely Midsummer, wen’t to the celebrations over in Vättlösa and met old friends and simply had a good time.

In the evening my parents came by, bringing Aquavit and strawberries. I ate my weight in new potatoes and pickled herring I think (NO REGRETS!).

IMG_1160Yesterday we went to Liseberg, along with friends and their kids. We had the best time and ended up staying over 10 hours at the amusement park! We had burgers and fries for lunch, ate so much sweets and ice cream and slush.
The twins went on so many rides, and so did Pumpkin, though she felt it was a little unfair that she wasn’t allowed on the really extreme ones…
“When I’m their age I’ll go on all those rides!”
“Yes my darling, you will.”

I got 6 books from the library last week and have read 5 of them already, the last one will be read tomorrow I think. It’s a Sarah Dessen favourite: What Happened to Goodbye.
I do wish they’d get all the Sarah Dessen books, along with all three Stephanie Perkins books I love and several other great great great YA writers I love.
I’ll have to talk with my librarian friend and see if I can convince her to get them all.

Another thing I’m trying to do this summer (at least during these six weeks of holiday I have) is to take better care of myself, find a way back to me and like what I see when I look in the mirror. As it is now I’m not very happy with myself.
The biggest issue I have is my skin: my moles and scars. I cannot NOT see it whenever I look in the mirror.
Right now I feel as if nothing I do makes me forget the fact that my skin makes me a freak and when I previously shook off comments I now just want to cry whenever someone says something about me. It’s really mostly young kids who wonder why I have so many “spots” and I tend to tell them that’s just the way it is, I can’t help it anymore than they can help the colour of their eyes.

IMG_1183Maybe I need to go see someone about this, find ways to beat the negative thoughts crowding my mind and making me feel less about myself.
As it is now I’ve even gone so far as to edit/remove moles in selfies before I post them anywhere. I don’t think anyone else has noticed, but I’ve felt better about the pictures, now without the freakish spots all over…

Anyhow, I’m going to finish reading this novel by Morgan Matson, Second Chance Summer and cry my eyes out doing so (I’ve read it before and I know how it ends and I know I’ll cry and I’ll read it anyway, because I can!).


nanowrimoI just realised I’ve not blogged for a month… wow.

I have no excuse. Other than that since I very rarely sit at from of a computer it’s not just happening (blogging that is). I could do it from my phone, sure, but honestly it’s more of a hassle than anything trying to get all the words down on that thing. Plus I always seem to get the weirdest autocorrects when I try to do that…

Right now I have no phone (or I have one I borrowed from the store when I handed mine in). Apparently it was overheating and that makes it NOT WORK. I won’t bother with anything on the phone I now have, because it’s a lend and it would be stupid to activate anything that requires passwords etc on it. So no easy internet access for Jenny.

Sucks to be me I guess. 

Since I don’t have my phone and all those things that come with it I’ve decided to also disconnect my laptop (from time to time). This because November and NaNoWriMo is coming and I’ve decided to really give it a go this year. I have my horror story to write and this might be a good a time as any.

So anyone wondering why I’m not out on the webz spreading my joy, this is why (also, since I saved all my phone numbers on Google I have no contacts in my phone – I won’t be contacting anyone as long as I’ve got this borrowed WW2 phone). I might post writing blogs during NaNo, but that’s probably it.

Anyhow, it’s lunchtime and a school holiday this week. Time to feed the horde!


IMG_20140201_194458…how much I love you. 

Or maybe not.

That could get awkward and it would most definitely expose my stalkerish nature. But then that’s sorta what the interwebz is all about, isn’t it? Finding people you luuurv and then go find them all over and just like, plus, love, retweet E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G they say. I don’t know. 

I do have a few people that live otherwhere on the planet (and country) that I really want to meet and squeeze (a little and gently). Then we’d have coffee/tea/iced drinks and talk and laugh and talk some more. (I love yous!

In other news.
It’s been raining every day for two weeks and frankly, I’m getting tired of that water falling from the sky. Yes, yes! I get it! Summer is over. Autumn is here and all the light will soon be a memory to retrieve during those long winter nights.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn. I really do. But I want days with sunshine and stolen warmth next to brick walls, a cool breeze stroking my cheek as I walk the path from Varnhem (if you go clickety there will be pictures) up towards the hills and over the creek. I want to follow the flying V of birds with the sun warming my back and tea steaming from my thermos. 
What I’m saying is that I miss the sun. A lot. 

Anyway, Pumpkin is going back to daycare tomorrow and the twins start school again on Wednesday. In one way it’s sad that summer is over, in another I’m glad they’re out of the house. They’ve been so fed up with each other these last two weeks and fought more than played.

They drive me insane, but I’d go mental without them.


…but I’m beat after my first week at my new job (which is totally awesome, so far).

The twins have started school and my little one is back at preschool, they all seem to adjust to this new schedule, though they’ve been very tired today. It’s a bit weird to have to be places at certain times, after seven weeks of no hurry it’s going to take some adjusting for me… but then I’m not the most workaholic type person. I might never adjust to work.


Anyhow, kids asleep (and now they all wake up and start demanding my attention…) and it’s time for some Friday telly, and maybe a drink, though I might fall asleep myself before even publishing this post.


ImageI’m at school, it’s nearly empty of people, I think there’s eight of us in all. We had a national holiday yesterday and today, the Friday after, many of us have as a holiday too (well, not me this year, because I get to guard IB final exams. The joy!).

It’s so freaky to be here at school with so few people round and about, there’s usually nearly 350 of us roaming the classrooms and hallways.

Anyhow, I have a bit of a break now since my next session as an invigilator (I shit you not! That’s what we’re called, us who guard the exams) is in two hours. So I should do some uni essay stuff, like really really, but I’m guessing I won’t (Curse me and my ability to procrastinate!)…


At the moment I’m all aflutter because of the new Star Trek movie. I LOVE (LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!) Star Trek! I’ve always been a huge fan, but have to admit that bringing Karl Urban in as Bones made me squee with glee! He’s SO hot! I’ll drool all over my seat … hubba hubba!

Anyhow, my buddy Martin and I have talked about doing a graphic novel, he’d do the drawing and I’d do the writing. He’s an awesome artist and photographer: check out his website! I’m not going to say much more than that, as not to jinx it, but if we decide to go ahead I might give you some hints.

Now I’m going to busy myself with shoving crisps and chocolate into my face and surf the interweb (P-p-p-procrastination is king!).


Procrastination, it's an art!

Wow, I managed to correct two whole papers before I sidetracked on to the interweb… Impressive!

Now I’m guessing it’s going to take me double that time before I’m back on track. Nothing is better at helping you procrastinate than the interweb and all its silly nothingness.
Wish me luck!

I’ve always been a geek and I’ve always embraced my nerdiness. Since I’m such an attention wh— seeker, being “odd” has given me enough attention to believe I’m unique and special (and off course, we are all very unique and special, each and every one of us, but try telling a pre-teen/teen that!)

ImageGrowing up I had a bff who played the accordion, liked classical music and loved horses. She was even more odd than me, and with her I embraced my geekdom even more. It was she who took me to my first pen and paper RPG (roll playing game for you n00bs). A guy in her high school science class had asked her if she’d like to tag along and she decided to bring me with her – in case it blew and she wanted to leave (or the guys were all super wierdos and she needed to fight her way out of there, I was a tad more violent than her). The guys turned out to be super nice, geeky and (even if I didn’t know it then) my husband was among them. Bless her! That’s all I have to say about that.

It’s funny though, not counting my husband (we’ve been together for 13 years come August) I haven’t really met that many geeky men. Not that I’ve been looking mind you, just that I kinda thought they’d be all over the place (since I knew 8 of them in high school and they couldn’t have been the only ones around). But no, I’ve only met people that aren’t geeks och nerds, they’ve been super serious and haven’t understood my love of science fiction, fantasy, games and things weird.

ImageUntil last year that is! Now I have interweb conversations with quite a few people (men and women alike) about all the things that I love and the wonderful thing that is geekdom. I’ve discussed the characters in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, the importance of alien tech in sci-fi, co-written fantasy short stories and I can’t even remember everything!

Lovely lovely interweb, you bring us all together!

Something that isn’t as lovely is my hair (which I’ve bitched about for some time now, and you’ll get more bitching coming), I don’t know when I’ll get it sorted… it HAS to be nice before Friday next week: that’s when my office buddy/bff is having her party. Don’t know how I’ll get into party mode with THIS mop of ugly sitting on the top of my head (sobbing).

Well now, I’ve done it again… spent my correction time blogging. Yay me! Back to the giant pile of papers then.


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