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We have snow!

Last night we had a storm bringing rain and darkness upon us, during the night the temperature dropped and this morning everything was covered in snow. The wind kept on whipping snow around and when I went out to chuck garbage in the dumpster I got snow down my neck. BRRR!!! 

After Pumpkin’s had her nap I’m taking the kids out, I need to shovel the snow on our driveway and they get to muck about in the cold white stuff. Everyone’s at home today, this morning I didn’t want them to walk by themselves to school (we live within walking distance) because it was incredibly stormy and they’re only 6 years old. Call me a mother hen, but we’ve had a lovely time at home today.

I only hope my little one will take her nap soon, I’ve promised the twins that we’re making Christmas cards and she would ruin it (glue and scissors and glitter… all over the house).

Anyhow, let’s see if some Avatar – The Last Airbender can get them all to calm down a bit.




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