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A lovely morning today. And cold. But it’s supposed to be cold in December! I’m longing for snow, I want the ground covered in white and for it to be cold enough for me to break out my faux fur hat.

My Monday to do list is short and I’ll be done before lunch (which is good since I promised the twins to get them from school and I need to be at work 2.30 pm). Just a quick visit to two shops, then home and finding time to read a writing buddy’s draft.

Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy this day’s leisurely pace.

Have a good one people!



I got a parcel today, from my oldest (and dearest) bff:


She knows me so well it’s scary… and she must have lots of lovey feelings for me in her heart (love you too).

It contained: English Breakfast tea, Irish Cream Liquor & White Chocolate fudge and the sweetest handwritten note.

Big hugs! Big, big, ginormous hugs!

Anyhow, the fudge won’t survive the night… the tea will last me some time.

I have the best of friends!


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