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Christmas has passed. We’re in these in between days that just are, that must be, before we step into the new year.

The picture is from two weeks ago. Winter wonderland. Today it’s all rain and gloom and darkness. We’ve passed the longest night by a week, but it’ll take time before we’ll notice any change.

I’m off work until school starts again, January 9th. Which is so nice. But on the other hand it’s a bit ugh to be at home with three kids that sulk about not finding friends to play with.

I get it, sitting at home isn’t very fun, at least not when you’re forced to hang out with your siblings 24/7. And a lot of families have gone away on holiday or visiting family over Christmas and New Year.

Sometimes I think we’re the only ones who have stayed at home.

I’ve slacked off on my workout routine and I’m paying for it by being in pain and feeling meh. So I went to the gym today and practically cried my way through it. I wish I could think of a way to make that whole experience fun… like reading books is fun, or having tea is fun, or watching films is fun.


Guess my New Years resolution will be to not be such a lazy fat ass. Which means I need to be the total opposite of what I am.

Also. I have a couple of weeks until my next skin checkup, so all the angst associated with that is bubbling up to the surface.

Fun times!

I hate feeling like this, but I honestly don’t know how to deal with it; apart from allowing myself to feel like absolute shit until the checkup’s done. The feelings won’t go away, so maybe just embrace them?

I haven’t taken many pictures of anything lately (not even selfies, which is like super weird). And I know it’s because I feel all these horrible, crying over everything, ugly feelings.

Anyhow, we’re going to town after lunch. So maybe I’ll make an effort, or something…



So, October. 

Darkness and pretty leaves. So far it’s not too bad, the days have been sunny and even though yesterday was chilly and this morning had frost it’s still been nice. 

I wish for an autumn with colourful trees, where the leaves stay on for quite some time. But it’s been dry and if the frost becomes a thing leaves will start falling by the buckets. 

I’ve always had a hard time with the coming darkness. November is usually very dark and gloomy, with no colour but brown, grey, black and white. 

I know I shouldn’t be thinking about it now, but somehow I need to prepare myself for it. I need to stock up on sunshine and colours. 

Also, let’s hope this winter comes with a decent amount of snow. That would brighten everything up nicely. 

Anyhow, I’m trying to get back to writing more (as in every day) and so far it’s going alright. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep it up, it makes me happy. 


Knäck_during_Christmas_Eve_2008,_closeupWe’re making Christmas sweets today, Knäck (almond toffee) and ordinary chocolate toffee. Tomorrow we make some Rocky Road and maybe some fudge (if I have the stuff for it that is).

Pirate’s off to a hockey tournament and husband went with him, so it’s just me and the girls today. Though Princess is waiting for being picked up  for a play date (they ought to be here any minute, but she’s been waiting since she woke up).

It’s really pretty out today, sunshine and frost. Me and Pumpkin are going to take a walk after lunch, the sun sets at 3 pm, so we need to be quick about it. There’s been to much rain and wind and darkness the last couple of days. And the lack of snow isn’t really helping either.

Honestly. There’s no real Christmas without snow…

I’ve written quite a lot lately, I have two nearly finished short stories (one I use for my Saturday Scenes and thus need to finish soon-ish). Yesterday I managed three poems, one in Swedish and two in English. Funny thing about that. When it comes to prose I write just as well in both languages. But poetry, I have to work at it to have it work in English. Guess my feelings are closer to the surface in Swedish…

Anyhow, I should start thinking about lunch. Since the sweets are all done I have free time to write or play video games. We’ll see about that after lunch and a walk.



A lovely morning today. And cold. But it’s supposed to be cold in December! I’m longing for snow, I want the ground covered in white and for it to be cold enough for me to break out my faux fur hat.

My Monday to do list is short and I’ll be done before lunch (which is good since I promised the twins to get them from school and I need to be at work 2.30 pm). Just a quick visit to two shops, then home and finding time to read a writing buddy’s draft.

Anyhow, I’m going to enjoy this day’s leisurely pace.

Have a good one people!


I have had a few days where nothing felt right,don’t know why really and when I think about it I can’t tell you what I thought or felt. Maybe it’s November darkness, or PMS, or my mind playing tricks on me or something I haven’t even thought of… 

Things have gone fairly well, I’ve missed one deadline at uni, but it’s not too late until the course is over (that’s in January, which is sooo far ahead in time). I thought I missed a deadline at work, but I made it just on time and as a bonus I think my text was actually good (took me a full 15 minutes to bullcrap a 1500 word piece on Christmas). None of us is ill at the moment (why did I say that? Now we’ll catch something!) and there are only a few more weeks left of school and work before three weeks of Christmas holiday! 


-5C and a clear blue sky.

My Steampunk short story is coming along fine, I’m 3388 words in and I still have about (I’m so totally guessing here) 1000 words handwritten that need transcribing. I set a limit of 5000 words to this story, mostly because I wanted something to work towards and to have some idea of when it was time to tie all the loose ends together… 

There was a time not long ago I thought I’d never get this story working, too many sub-plots and half-ready ideas scribbled all over a notebook. Now, as I transcribe my notes, I move passages around making the story flow better and helping me finish off the whole thing. If all goes well I’ll be done by next week and then I’ll have a couple of days to re-read and edit before deadline. It would be good if I could find someone who’d read my story and point out mistakes or other things I might miss myself (and I’m going to be cheap about this and try to find someone who’d do it pro bono).

I’m not really worried my story won’t stick out and be noticed in the competition, I’m certain it’s unique and appealing. What I AM  worried about is that since English is a second language it’s not as sharp and well written as something I’d write in Swedish. When it comes to short stories in Swedish I have one honorable mention and one first runner up position with my stories, then I knew they’s be good enough to compete. Right now, I’m not sure who I’m going up against…


Sunrise trough the trees.

Anyhow, I’ve made a big batch of soup (beef and veggie with beans) that’ll give me plenty of lunches in the weeks to come and all that’s left to do before heading off for work is transcribing my notes.

I need a cuppa tea, maybe a biscuit too.