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Christmas has passed. We’re in these in between days that just are, that must be, before we step into the new year.

The picture is from two weeks ago. Winter wonderland. Today it’s all rain and gloom and darkness. We’ve passed the longest night by a week, but it’ll take time before we’ll notice any change.

I’m off work until school starts again, January 9th. Which is so nice. But on the other hand it’s a bit ugh to be at home with three kids that sulk about not finding friends to play with.

I get it, sitting at home isn’t very fun, at least not when you’re forced to hang out with your siblings 24/7. And a lot of families have gone away on holiday or visiting family over Christmas and New Year.

Sometimes I think we’re the only ones who have stayed at home.

I’ve slacked off on my workout routine and I’m paying for it by being in pain and feeling meh. So I went to the gym today and practically cried my way through it. I wish I could think of a way to make that whole experience fun… like reading books is fun, or having tea is fun, or watching films is fun.


Guess my New Years resolution will be to not be such a lazy fat ass. Which means I need to be the total opposite of what I am.

Also. I have a couple of weeks until my next skin checkup, so all the angst associated with that is bubbling up to the surface.

Fun times!

I hate feeling like this, but I honestly don’t know how to deal with it; apart from allowing myself to feel like absolute shit until the checkup’s done. The feelings won’t go away, so maybe just embrace them?

I haven’t taken many pictures of anything lately (not even selfies, which is like super weird). And I know it’s because I feel all these horrible, crying over everything, ugly feelings.

Anyhow, we’re going to town after lunch. So maybe I’ll make an effort, or something…



Well, I’ve had a week and a half of my summer holiday now. And time flies by too fast, I really don’t want this to end at all. 
It’s not like we’ve had excellent weather (it’s sunny but chilly and it really need to rain because the lawn is more yellow than green). 

I just really like being at home. I like getting to chose if I’m seeing anyone today, or if I’m not leaving the house. 

Besides, most of my friends are online (as in living in another country and not really someone you’d pop by to in an afternoon), or they live a 4h drive away, at least. 

I’m trying to figure out where all my childhood friends have gone to. And I realise I didn’t have that many close friends to begin with, three maybe? And they live ways away or I’ve completely lost touch with them. 

I’ve tried to reach out to the one living close by, but she’s so busy with her life that it’s almost impossible for us to find time. I guess she isn’t as interested in rekindling our friendship as I am. 

Ugh. I’ll just give up and cultivate whatever friendships I’ve made online. 

Hubs got me Mass Effect Andromeda a couple weeks back. It’s a very pretty game and so far I’m curious to see what the main story is about. What I have realised though, is that I’m absolutely terrible at FPS games. And I mean ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE

I can’t hit anything even if I threw the gun at them. But fuck that, I’m playing the game anyway and so far the only thing making me rage quit is a Remnant Architect. Mudderhumping three legged piece of robot shit! 

And I’m playing on Easy, so really, I shouldn’t have too much trouble. Why do I even play? Ugh. 

After lunch we’re off on a play date with the girls bffs, and I’ve made friends with the mum so I’ll be sat there drinking tea. 

Anyways, it’s breakfast time here and the horde needs feeding (if I can tear them away from YouTube and tv and other stuff that is). 

Take care, wear sunscreen, drink loads (of tea). 



Chugging tea in my Curiosity Quills mug, being bloody pleased and proud that “The Actuator – Borderlands Anthology” has hit the streets!


Contains all kinds of awesomeness (steampunk vikings for instance!).


One thing that’s really different between working and staying at home is the amount of laundry you get done.

When I was home with Pumpkin our laundry basket was as close to empty as laundry baskets get – now (when we’ve been working the both of us) it’s hardly ever anything but overflowing. Then we spend the weekends doing laundry and hanging and sorting the washing, time I’d rather spend with the kids or even writing.

Well, we’re now down to half a laundry basket and we have clean socks and underwear enough between us (which is as far as I’m willing to go right now, I’m not staying up all night washing shirts). No laundry crisis foreseen in the week to come…

I have also decided to not bother with my appearance this week, I’m only cleaning and clearing my desk and the only one who’s going to get a good look at me is my roomie (sorry love, but I’m not going to do more than brush my hair and my teeth, and put clothes on – obviously *eye roll*).

My good friend and writer James Wymore (go clickety and check out his blog) asked me the other day if I’d like to submit something to an anthology he’ll be working with after the release of his new book The Actuator (clickety clickety clickety). I said YES straight away (duuuh).

So today I’ve started on a short which might turn out great (when I find out where it’s going). The wonderful thing about this is that the characters in these stories jump between genres, that means you have so much freedom in choosing what’ll happen (which you always do of course, but now you can have laser weapons in a story that started out with bows and arrows). Awesome!

Anyhow, tonight I’m letting my YA rest a little while I let “Legs” McCoy take my hand and lead me to her fate…


freedomThere’s just one thing left before I can run naked through the streets screaming: Freedom!!!  The opposition of our essay on Friday (that and leaving my job in June).

Now all I have to do is read the other guys essays (there’s three going up at once, we’re only opposing one of them) and have opinions about them. Easy peasy (NO! I have no idea what to do, what to say or how to say it and we’re getting soooo slaughtered!)… I don’t wanna! But I’ll just have to suck it up and do it, no way around this one (sucks to be an adult).

While on the subject of sucking, on Monday the doctor’s going to cut me up, again. I am not in any way looking forward to this (who would anyway?).

We have graduation at school on Wednesday next week too, and I have no clue as to what to wear with three big patches on my body (first one on my chest, second one on my hip and the last one on my ankle). What the heck should I wear?! Turtleneck and sweats? Schexxxyyyy… stupid skin, stupid cancer, stupid anything!

Anyhow, we haven’t had time to go see Star Trek. Too much going on and next weekend we have two birthday parties (the twins can’t have one together, because, apparently, boys and girls don’t mix when you’re 6). Gah!

Don’t think we’ll see Star Trek Into Darkness on the big screen…

Tomorrow I’m guarding IB MOCK exams all day, brain dead is what I’m going wish I’d be. Only positive thing is I’ll have some time to read the other essays. Whooppiie-doo!


I’m just going to focus on the fact that after June 28th I’m outta that place and home with my family, the only place where I’m truly happy. Now I’ll sit down with a cuppa and finish Persuasion (for the umpteenth time).


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