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I’ve learned something. And though some might think that this is something everybody ought to know, it’s taken me time to actually realise it. 

Although this will probably not mean I’ll take it to heart all the time. (I’m sure there will be days when this lesson is forgotten and I’m back to my old ways.) Hopefully I’ll have more days when I remember than days when I forget. 

I’ll let Newt Scamander tell you what I’ve learned: 


This is what I’ve learnt. Also, this is what I’ve experienced in the last month or so… 

I’ve worried about stuff, lost sleep and happiness over it, and then they’ve turned out alright anyway. I suppose I’m lucky in that respect: that everything has turned out alright. 

Hubs told me last night that I overthink things. And he’s absolutely right. The thing is that I absolutely hate conflicts, I hate having someone being angry with me. It makes me so very unhappy and anxious. 

And me worrying about work things is me worrying about people at work being angry with me. Everyone fucks up from time to time, this I know, but I hate when I do (because of the maybe conflict that could happen). Ugh! 

I envy those who seem to go through life and not let things like that effect them. But I cannot escape the fact that angry (hateful) words and actions hit me very hard. It’s like I’m not equipped with any tools to shrug them off or ignore them completely. 

This does not mean I’m a pushover. No! I know what I want and where I want to go and who I want in my life. But I chose to ignore and block those irl and online that give off angry/hateful/negative vibes. 

I do not need that in my life.  

Anyhow, I’ve worked today (Sunday service and kid’s choir and stuffs) and now I’m going to not do too much at all. We’re going ice skating later, there’s an outdoor rink one town away. 

So tea and books and love until then. 




Today I found two raspberries in the garden, they were sweet and tart at the same time. I think they were the last raspberries this summer and that makes me a little sad.

I really do love autumn, the colours and the smells and the light can be magical, but summer is always summer. The long days, the almost impossibly short nights, the trips to the beach, not having any time to keep and the slower pace of life during summer vacation.

At the moment it feels like I’m running about doing everything and nothing, and I keep forgetting things (or I keep thinking I have forgotten something and that stresses me out)! I suppose it doesn’t help that I sleep poorly, have never ending headaches (head cold?) and just a feeling of meh

Last week was so intense. The anthology was released (yay yay yay!) and on Saturday we had a release party on Facebook (so much fun!). And on Sunday (was that really only yesterday?) I had two services to go to, work wise, and I was completely spent when I got home at 8.30pm.

It’s almost like it’s all a little too much at the moment, or is it that I need to do more?

I don’t know.

I feel as if I would like (need?) something to look forward to. I’ve had the book release hanging there all spring and summer, but now I’m like: “Huh… what now?” All I see are work things.

Well, there IS Gothenburg Book fair, last weekend in September. I’m hoping to get to go on Sunday (pretty pretty please let me be able to go!). I mean, can it get much better? A whole fair full of books and authors and poets and bookish people!

No, no it can not get any better.

Anyhow, people ask me all the time about the patch on my face. But sometimes they don’t, they just talk to me like they did before, and that my friends is wonderful. The scar is about 5 cm long, but as thin as scars get. It’s gonna heal just fiiiiine.



Assisi lies about 400 metres above sea level, on the side of a mountain looking out over a valley.
It’s beautiful, even when it’s pouring down as it did when we arrived yesterday.
The Basilico de San Francesco is the most famous of the churches here in Assisi, we spent almost 2h wandering through the three levels/different churches there. Then we saw the town and the Basilico de San Chiara, where we ended the tour.
I had been drenched in the thunderstorm we ran through to get to our bus in Rome and had almost no dry clothes, this made me not really appreciate the guided tour… but after a shower and dinner things felt much better.

This morning I went to mass in St Francis church, very interesting since I’ve never been to a Catholic ceremony before.
I then spent an hour at a cafe, drinking cappuccino and writing a short story. This might be the one I send to the Acctuator Anthology, would be cool if it gets accepted since a major part of it is written here in Italy.

After lunch I’m considering walking to one of the other churches here in town, or maybe I’ll just walk around taking pictures.

It’s so nice to have no plans.



The reason I haven’t been blogging is that I haven’t sat down at a computer, I’ve only used mine to watch movies on Netflix and listen to music on Spotify, and that doesn’t leave much time for blogging (the once I have published here are written on my phone, which isn’t the best device for writing blog posts). But now I’m back!

Where to start?

Well, I have a job. It’s with the church and I’ll be helping with the kids and youth groups, the choir(s) and parent-kid groups.

It’s 80%, meaning I’ll have one day off (which is good because I’m still studying for my teacher’s degree, study pace at 50%). It’s also about 30 min to drive, but that’s okay. I’m certain I’ll be very happy there. One reason might be the trip they have planned in October… to ROME and ASSISI!!! I mean: OH MY GOD (whatta you know, a little pun). I doubt they make trips like this very often, I’m just very lucky that this is the year they had money to go to Italy.

*happy dance!*


One thing I like about Summer is that you can go weeks without make-up (I guess others go weeks during other parts of the year, I don’t). I’ve only been using make-up maybe five times during the last two months, and only when I’ve ventured out and about among people. It’s not that I HAVE TO put stuff on my face to feel pretty, it’s because I LIKE to put stuff on my face.

Make-up is so much fun and I love looking at tutorials on YouTube, trying to figure out how I can make that work with the stuff I have at home (I’m not going out to buy gunk just because that’s what they’re using).

And make-up’s the best, if you’re feeling like crap and think you look like crap – a little spit and polish and gunk on your face and you’re as good as new! If you don’t say anything about your bad mood people will think you’re fine, if that’s what you want them to think. Brilliant!

All I have to sort out now is my hair… mum helped me with the fringe. It was a wee bit too long (she on the other hand cut it too short, good thing hair grows out again…) and now it’s just right. The rest of my hair is a complete mess. I desperately need to cut a few cm off and I really don’t know when I’ll have the time for it.

I’m not going to colour it this time, I’m actually thinking of letting my real colour grow back out again, but still. It’ll take 30 min or more to get it done, and the salons where we live are IMPOSSIBLE to get appointments at. I have to try though, I want my hair to be nice when my job starts in two weeks. Hair’s important!

I’ve also started playing through Mass Effect again! I’m now blasting my way through abominations in 3, and I really don’t want it all to end (again). I love love love that game!

Another game I’m really looking forward to is Dragon Age Inquisition! It seems so awesome! I love 1 and 2 (don’t care what people say about any of those two games,  THEY’RE EPIC!). It can’t come soon enough!

The short story for James that I stared to write in the beginning of summer hasn’t really gone anywhere… I got stuck and the mad at it. I might look at it again in a few days. On the other hand I have another story I’m really liking. Not sure what it is… but what I have is great! Maybe this can be another shot at the genre hopping short story I want to write.

Anyhow, it’s getting late and I really need to get some sleep tonight (Pumpkin was awake almost two hours last night… gah!).



Yesterday I went to the village where I grew up. I spent almost two hours at the church and the ruins of the convent.
First I sat on my favorite bench, soaking up the rays. It was a wonderful, sunny and warm day, so warm that I had to move from said bench and find another in the shade. I had fizzy water, fruit salad and a packet of crisps with me and while eating I started to write a story in my head.


I’m not really sure where it’s going just yet, it has started out as a contemporary (maybe romance, maybe thriller, maybe something else). It might also be another genre hopping story for James’ anthology. It was fun writing it, and having that time for myself was complete and total bliss. I needed that.


The evening was spent with my buddy, we went to see World War Z (Brad Pitt… mmm!) And even though I’m not a zombie loving type of person, the film was really good. I’d recommend you go see it, if you haven’t already (Brad Pitt!).

Anyhow, tonight my bff Ida is having a concert (well her and this dude on a cembalo. ~Thanx to Carl-Johan for telling me how to spell it.~) at a local church. Haven’t seen her in ages! I had planned to go see her and her husband, but there was no time… maybe I can make that trip this autumn.
First we need to go grocery shopping though, we have no food!


ImageHere are some pics from the village of Varnhem, where I grew up. Most of them are from the creek where my bff and I spent all our summers having the best adventures known to anyone!

I’ve written a short story about this creek, in Swedish and at the moment I’m not going to bother translating it for you. Just believe me when I say it’s awesome (you know me, modesty is my best trait)!

The water is icy cold, but that never stopped us from wading in it, be it spring, summer or autumn. It runs from the small mountain (it’s a tiny and flat mountain because it was manhandled by ice during the ice age) and out into the small lake not far from my village (it’s bird watchers paradise that lake, us kids had to bicycle there once a year to stare at birds and complain about not getting to do cooler things at school). I actually liked going to the lake, might have been my dad the Biologist that had me brainwashed to enjoy nature at an early age… yes dad, I blame YOU!


Also, we have one of the prettiest churches in Sweden. The one that stands there today is from the 1660-70’s, but the ruins and the foundation are from 1150.

They’ve found Viking graves, which are among the earliest Christian graves in the country, from somewhere around 1040.

It’s so cool to have grown up a stones throw from all this history and I have so many great memories from running around the ruins and in the woods and creek behind the church.

If you’re ever in my neighbourhood, please ask me to give you a guided tour of the church. It’ll save you some bucks and I can do it as well as any guide they have there (I’m even better than some of them…).

I had the (mis)fortune to get a guided tour two summer’s ago, and it was painful! The guide kept getting off track and what should have been a 30 min tour took ages and we didn’t even get the information we were expecting.

Boy, did she like the sound of her own voice!

Anyhow, picture of a very pretty church coming right up (also, it‘s where we got married. fyi)!



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