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img_4906Ugh. January has been rough.

Pirate has suffered an ear infection that wouldn’t go away, we went to see a specialist and they said he was fine. His ears still hurt from time to time, but apparently they can be like that for no reason. So yeah.
Now we won’t know if he has an ear infection or if his ears are just being dumb… fun.

Pumpkin had a stomach bug last weekend, preventing me from going to work on Monday (because stomach bug quarantine) and *this* weekend Princess suffered from the same thing.

So here I am, home on a Monday, feeling the workload piling up on me.
Parenting fun times! 


One awesome thing about January though, was the wedding hubs and I attended this weekend (the horde had sleepovers at grandparents). Our very good friends (finally) got married and we had an occasion to go to Stockholm and dress up fancy fancy.

It was wonderful, warm and welcoming and so classy. I admire her way of always finding the prettiest things to make everything lovely. Good food and great company.

Also, the chance to dress up in finery comes far too seldom for me. All my pretty shoes are just lying there in the wardrobe, waiting for parties.
I wish it would be sensible for me to wear my heels to work, but alas… trainers are the only  thing that really work.

Today my grandfather (paternal) would have turned 100 years old. He passed away 1989. Just think of all the things he saw when growing up. Everything that changed in the world. Just think of all the things that changed after 1989! Happy birthday grandpa Mauritz!

Time’s a funny thing, moving fast and slow and sometimes you don’t know where it went. This year I’ve been married for 15 years, a mother of twins for 10 and my youngest turns 6 and starts school in August.

And yet, I don’t feel as if time has passed by much at all. What’s changed? Has anything changed? I don’t know.

img_4901The sun will rise and set and the world will turn and we will keep doing dumb shit to  each other. But wouldn’t it be soooo much better if we all just were good to each other.

Be good people. Always.

Anyhow, I need to amuse my hordelings. Princess has expressed a wish to watch Pride and Prejudice (1995) and who am I to refuse her such brilliant watching?



IMG_0958The Last Day.

I’m not going to come back here (to work) after today, this is it. And it feels so strange. Last time I had a Last Day I was at a job I didn’t care for anymore, I couldn’t wait to be gone from there. That was three years ago and the years following have been so good in relation to what I felt back then.
Leaving a place you still love working at is a new feeling for me, and it’s bitter and sweet and happy and sad and just plain weird…

Oh well, I guess I can always come back and visit if I miss them too much. But first I’ll have my 6 weeks of summer holiday and just try to do as little as possible.

I’m writing more again, I even finished a couple of short stories (ikr! Incredible!) and I’ll be using them for future Saturday Scenes. I’m really happy with one of them, I think I’ll post that one in its entirety on my writer’s blog and just a snippet for Saturday Scenes.

Tomorrow I’m getting the stitches on my stomach taken out, the ones on my back have to stay another week. It’s beginning to get really annoying having them yank and hurt whenever I move around too much or too fast. I’m so so so done with this.

I’ve started Dragon Age Inquisition again, that game is LIFE! And I’m totally romancing Cullen again, because I cannot not romance him… he’s the bread to my Inquisitor’s butter. Mmm… Cullen… mmm.

Anyhow, it’s lunchtime and I’m going out for lunch (I refuse to bring frozen leftover pasta for lunch. I REFUSE!). Maybe I’ll check out a few shops while I’m out too, it’s a looong day at work today…


Goo_Goo_Dolls-Name-Easy_Solo_GuitarI’ve developed a slight obsession with Goo Goo Dolls song Name (go clickety to see it on the Tube). It’s on repeat 24/7, and when hubby starts getting that twitch in his eye I quickly change to another track (which means he’s still breaking out into hives since we don’t really share the same taste in music).

But then I’m also obsessed with all books by Sarah Dessen, makeup tutorials on YouTube, Twitter and how soon Dragon Age Inquisition will hit the stores (like OHMYGOD have you seen the trailer?!) and also: because, Cullen (Swoon! Yes, yes I am romanticizing a fictional character. Sa-wooon!).


Anyhow, today’s plan is to maintain my level of my “not quite totally insane” and keep the horde from tearing down the house… we might have to vacate the premises.


How are you? Long time, no blog.

I don’t know why, but there hasn’t been enough time for me to sit down and write bloggy posts (or rather, I’ve not felt like it). But there’s happened a few things and I thought I’d summarize them for you:

+ Had a birthday, it was goooood.
– Had a colleague go on sick leave, not good and tons of more work for us.

+ Lovely end of term celebrations for our kid and youth groups.
– Busting my ass to get things done on time since the workload was insane.

+ Summer arrived and workload lessened.image (1)
– Went to check on my moles and they stamped a hole in my face because of dodgy looking mole.

July, so far 
– Got results from biopsy and they’re going to cut away more of my face to make sure the dodgy mole isn’t anything really really bad.

So as you probably guessed; I’m quite bummed about the dodgy mole business. Not that it’s dodgy (because they know it isn’t melanoma, but maaaaybe a benign form of cancer), but because THEY’RE CUTTING MY FACE! My pretty face that’s been blessed from any form of cutting, until now.
Am I shallow or what… but it’s my face and I can be as shallow as I please.
Everyone goes on about that the surgeons know what they’re doing, it’s not gonna show, better safe than sorry, you’re lovely anyway… etc etc etc.

Guess what? I don’t give a fuck. I don’t want to walk around with a big patch on my face, nor do I want to do the whole “silicon plaster on your face for six months to a year so the scar heals nicely”. GAH!

Once Upon a Frozen North

Once Upon a Frozen North

Buuuut, on the other hand: my short story “Once Upon a Frozen North” has now been sent in, ready for publication.


<— Just look at this pretty pretty art that goes with my story.

I’m also taking part in Saturday Scenes over on G+, which is a way for writers to share scenes from their work and have others respond to it. It’s great fun and I’ve found/befriended/started to stalk several great writers there.


Anyhow, this flabby flab of a body won’t lose any flab unless I move it about some… time to work out, though I’d rather eat cake and read (which would only add to the flab and make me miserable, I simply can’t win).


5lwenmkoTomorrow is Valentine’s Day (not that that’s a big deal here in Sweden), and we’re not going to my parents. Mum’s working and Pirate has got a fever (and he says his ear hurt too, we’ll see how that turns out).

Instead we’ll go see Frost and maybe take a tour about town (promises have been made to Princess of new hair things). I don’t think tomorrow will be much different from other Fridays, and that’s very comforting.

This week our schools have a break, it’s sort of this “winter sports break” (though the snow’s gone…) and we have it same week in February every year. It’s been really nice to be able to stay home with the kids, we’ve baked things, eaten them and watched Avatar (Legend of Aang).

Tonight I’m going to try out Bounce (it’s a certain type of dance ya know) and my friend warned me that unless I’m Beyonce (which I sadly (?) am not) it might be rather or very difficult.

But hey: try everything once, eh? 

2014-02-13 - 1Anyhow, I’ve done my nails, Valentine’s style and plan to have loads of fun tonight.

Because, dancing is ALWAYS FUN!



Baking, the first thing I did today after breakfast. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate topping and a sprinkling of coconut. Yummy! I might bake cinnamon rolls or something other too, depends on what I can find in my cupboards.

Work’s been really busy, immensely fun but really really busy, and I realise it’s hard to find time to sit down and blog (this post is written on my phone).
I’m getting behind on my studies too, although I’ve read everything that needs reading I have yet to write anything on the assignment.

Since going to Rome and Assisi, I missed out on the group thing the had at uni and I need to get in touch with the professor to see what I must do to pass that part of the course (best case scenario is having to do very little, fingers crossed).

My writing had been put aside a little since coming back from Italy. It was a dream to be able to sit for hours at a cafe and write. I know I should be able to find some time here at home too, but that means not doing other things instead (duh)…

I must choose between:
·playing trough Dragon Age 2 again (easy, no sweat and fun)
·write on my story/stories (hard, some sweat and fun)
·studying (easy, boring and did I mention boring)

Hard to choose now, ain’t it!
Also I have NO self-discipline…

Anyhow, the first cake is done, hubby said he’d make lunch, the horde has eaten fruit and I can start checking cupboards for what to bake next. Life is good!



It’s 10 pm on Thursday and I’m completely spent.
My Wednesdays and Thursdays are really long workdays (Wed = 8 am – 9.30 pm & Thu= 9 am – 8.30 pm).

I also need to start studying, there’s a deadline coming up next week, but somehow I can’t see the point in studying… I know why I need to, I just don’t want to.

Anyhow, I’m off to bed now… hope I’ll sleep well tonight: there’s a full moon shining bright. G’nite people!



We’ve had a brilliant time at my parents!

Swimming in the Baltic sea, playing outside, some shopping done (wellies for Pumpkin and other neat stuff) and eating way too much good food (and candy and cake).

Bad thing is that Pumpkin gets car sick and pukes all over herself… I sincerely hope we get the whole way home tomorrow without her being sick.
Not only do I feel so very sorry for her, but driving with that smell in the car – not the best way to go.

We’re leaving as early as possible, the twins have a birthday party at 1 PM and I’ve promised to help with it.
It is a 3,5h drive and it would be nice to be able to breathe before having to set off for the party (it’s the Princess’s best friend’s party, so we cannot miss it!).

Anyhow, I need to get my (beauty?) sleep, or some kind of “being able to drive home without losing it”-sleep.

Oh! Before I forget: I might have landed a job! *happy dance!* I’ll tell you more when it’s certain…


ImageNo, I don’t have any real friends, in real life, outside of the interweb. So now I’m hoping random people out in interweb space will notice me and wish me a happy birthday (pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe me)…

Nah, I’m just really narcissistic.

Anyhow, I was challanged by a student yesterday: “Read this novel in one day!” It’s “Tomorrow when the war began” and I’m all like: “Pffff… I read 1000 pages in one day, I think I can manage 270!”  I only got to page 99 before having to head to bed, luckily I don’t have that class until 2.30 this afternoon (it’s now 8am), so I still have time to get all the way.

Because I NEED to win this (don’t have to explain why now, do I?!Image

Bugger, I’m late for our morning staff meeting (we get birthday cake today!)…


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