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Well, I’ve had a week and a half of my summer holiday now. And time flies by too fast, I really don’t want this to end at all. 
It’s not like we’ve had excellent weather (it’s sunny but chilly and it really need to rain because the lawn is more yellow than green). 

I just really like being at home. I like getting to chose if I’m seeing anyone today, or if I’m not leaving the house. 

Besides, most of my friends are online (as in living in another country and not really someone you’d pop by to in an afternoon), or they live a 4h drive away, at least. 

I’m trying to figure out where all my childhood friends have gone to. And I realise I didn’t have that many close friends to begin with, three maybe? And they live ways away or I’ve completely lost touch with them. 

I’ve tried to reach out to the one living close by, but she’s so busy with her life that it’s almost impossible for us to find time. I guess she isn’t as interested in rekindling our friendship as I am. 

Ugh. I’ll just give up and cultivate whatever friendships I’ve made online. 

Hubs got me Mass Effect Andromeda a couple weeks back. It’s a very pretty game and so far I’m curious to see what the main story is about. What I have realised though, is that I’m absolutely terrible at FPS games. And I mean ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE

I can’t hit anything even if I threw the gun at them. But fuck that, I’m playing the game anyway and so far the only thing making me rage quit is a Remnant Architect. Mudderhumping three legged piece of robot shit! 

And I’m playing on Easy, so really, I shouldn’t have too much trouble. Why do I even play? Ugh. 

After lunch we’re off on a play date with the girls bffs, and I’ve made friends with the mum so I’ll be sat there drinking tea. 

Anyways, it’s breakfast time here and the horde needs feeding (if I can tear them away from YouTube and tv and other stuff that is). 

Take care, wear sunscreen, drink loads (of tea). 




Assisi lies about 400 metres above sea level, on the side of a mountain looking out over a valley.
It’s beautiful, even when it’s pouring down as it did when we arrived yesterday.
The Basilico de San Francesco is the most famous of the churches here in Assisi, we spent almost 2h wandering through the three levels/different churches there. Then we saw the town and the Basilico de San Chiara, where we ended the tour.
I had been drenched in the thunderstorm we ran through to get to our bus in Rome and had almost no dry clothes, this made me not really appreciate the guided tour… but after a shower and dinner things felt much better.

This morning I went to mass in St Francis church, very interesting since I’ve never been to a Catholic ceremony before.
I then spent an hour at a cafe, drinking cappuccino and writing a short story. This might be the one I send to the Acctuator Anthology, would be cool if it gets accepted since a major part of it is written here in Italy.

After lunch I’m considering walking to one of the other churches here in town, or maybe I’ll just walk around taking pictures.

It’s so nice to have no plans.



Yesterday I went to the village where I grew up. I spent almost two hours at the church and the ruins of the convent.
First I sat on my favorite bench, soaking up the rays. It was a wonderful, sunny and warm day, so warm that I had to move from said bench and find another in the shade. I had fizzy water, fruit salad and a packet of crisps with me and while eating I started to write a story in my head.


I’m not really sure where it’s going just yet, it has started out as a contemporary (maybe romance, maybe thriller, maybe something else). It might also be another genre hopping story for James’ anthology. It was fun writing it, and having that time for myself was complete and total bliss. I needed that.


The evening was spent with my buddy, we went to see World War Z (Brad Pitt… mmm!) And even though I’m not a zombie loving type of person, the film was really good. I’d recommend you go see it, if you haven’t already (Brad Pitt!).

Anyhow, tonight my bff Ida is having a concert (well her and this dude on a cembalo. ~Thanx to Carl-Johan for telling me how to spell it.~) at a local church. Haven’t seen her in ages! I had planned to go see her and her husband, but there was no time… maybe I can make that trip this autumn.
First we need to go grocery shopping though, we have no food!


… down to Gothenburg. My essay writing partner and I had decided that we would meet today and talk about our essay and try to see what we have left. Turned out it’s not *that* much that needs doing, which was a nice surprise. We’re going to email our supervisor some questions, and depending on his answers we’re more or less done.

I love going to Gothenburg. The crowds, the shops, the atmosphere, the trams and just being by myself is such a relief from my everyday routine. I love being with my kids (alright husband, you’re not too bad…) but having time to myself, going at my own pace, doing what I like – that’s priceless.

Tomorrow’s the best day of the week: Sunday and ballet class. I finally have a pair of shoes (Wheeee!)!!! They look something like this (not my feet and perfectly shaved legs!).


Anyhow, I’m going to let the essay be at the moment. Can’t focus anymore tonight and I really want to send a short story to a competition (can’t decide which one to send though), so the rest of today is going to be spent reading and editing one or two short stories (and eat lots of chocolate and drink buckets of tea).


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