Hi, glad you found me. 😀

I’m many things: mum of three, wife of consultant, recreation leader at the Church of Sweden, writer of Poetry and Prose, Swedish with Finish heritage, video and RPG gamer, avid reader, talk too much and too loud, laugh a lot, cry sometimes, road rage quite often, chocoholic, lazy, lover of things sparkly, a hopeless romantic and always seeing the good in everyone.

Not that I don’t get mad, I do. And then I tend to overreact… some. It’s like with ketchup; nothing, nothing, nothing and then BLAM! it just pours all over your chips.  Not that I like ketchup, I prefer mine without.

I have another blog; Viking Girl Scribbles, where I post my writings. So if you’re curious, go on ahead and click the link. I’ve added quite a lot the last year or so.

This is my personal, get it out of my system-blog. It’ll be full of me me me! 😉