IMG_20150614_152051I had planned to post more often in June, but no…
Too much going on and no energy to spend on anything but the small things.
I had to go back to my previous post to see what I talked about then…

Hospital visit went really well, she said everything looked okay and asked me if I wanted to come back in six months or if I wanted to wait a whole year.

I opted for six months, I want to feel as if someone is keeping a close eye on things (I’ll never stop believing my skin being anything other than evil and on the verge of becoming cancerous).

The brunch at my old school was nice, I got big hugs from old students and colleagues, but it did feel like things were over before anything really began… I won’t be going back there again, these were the last students I taught.
End of an era and all that. Very strange.

I now have one more week to go before summer holiday. And that week I’m spending in Tiveden national park, in a tent, cooking over fire and living rough. There’s 12 kids in ages between 11 to 17, my colleagues and I and I’m sure we’ll have a great time. All the little details are in order and there’s nothing to do other than having fun.

Anyhow, the horde and I are going to watch Back to the Future now and eat lots and lots of sweets.