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IMG_20150614_152051I had planned to post more often in June, but no…
Too much going on and no energy to spend on anything but the small things.
I had to go back to my previous post to see what I talked about then…

Hospital visit went really well, she said everything looked okay and asked me if I wanted to come back in six months or if I wanted to wait a whole year.

I opted for six months, I want to feel as if someone is keeping a close eye on things (I’ll never stop believing my skin being anything other than evil and on the verge of becoming cancerous).

The brunch at my old school was nice, I got big hugs from old students and colleagues, but it did feel like things were over before anything really began… I won’t be going back there again, these were the last students I taught.
End of an era and all that. Very strange.

I now have one more week to go before summer holiday. And that week I’m spending in Tiveden national park, in a tent, cooking over fire and living rough. There’s 12 kids in ages between 11 to 17, my colleagues and I and I’m sure we’ll have a great time. All the little details are in order and there’s nothing to do other than having fun.

Anyhow, the horde and I are going to watch Back to the Future now and eat lots and lots of sweets.



PhotoGrid_1431894501333It’s only the beginning of June, but there’s not much left of school and our everyday routines are soon changed for summer holiday ones.

Tomorrow I’m invited to the upper secondary school I taught at for 5 years (the last class I mentored is graduating) and Friday next week the twins finish first grade.

I’ve not put much thought into he graduation brunch tomorrow, mostly because I’ve been ill with tonsillitis these last four days, but also because it seemed so far off. All of a sudden I need to find something nice to wear and figure out how to do my makeup (I’ve not even looked at a mascara brush since Friday last week!).

I have an idea though, and I’ll most likely go with it. It’s only a wee graduation after all, not the Nobel Prize Banquet.

Tuesday next week I have the day off. It’s time for a check-up at the hospital and I really don’t fancy going to work after that. Even if it’s only good news I’m usually so exhausted afterwards and no fun to be around.

I am treating myself to a sushi lunch and some me time in town (I’m hardly ever in town, so that’ll be so excite too).

Anyhow, four weeks until I go on summer holiday. I’m counting the days…


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