So I’ve planted both flowers and vegetables now (no I can’t remember what kind of things I put into the ground). Some of the seeds might have been a little too old, but I hope at least a few of them germinate. That’s one of my favourite things about having your own garden (and about summer), that you plant things and then get to eat them and/or look at the pretty flowers.

In other news, things haven’t quieted down at work just yet. Yes, the kid groups are done, but there are sooo many other IMG_20150306_135554things that need to be done…

  • Summer camp needs sorting out
  • Confirmation is the weekend after next
  • Youth groups continue into June
  • I need to clean my office and my desk (All The Shizzle)
  • There are notes and information to write
  • everything else I’ve totally forgotten I need to do…

Anyhow, I have to continue with dinner and then file my sad excuses for nails and paint them black (I need to understand I cannot have long nails, mine are too soft and will break. KEEP THEM SHORT!)