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We’ve had snow again, but that got washed away by the rain. And it’s supposed to get lighter by the day, but I can’t see it with all clouds and rain.

I feel slightly depressed with all this wetness and darkness and non-winterness going on… and I don’t know how to get myself out of this funk.

Maybe it’ll go away by itself.

Anyhow, I finished Dragon Age Inquisition the other day. Brilliant game! I’ve now started over, but with an Elven mage this time (my first was a human warrior). Love it!



i-love-my-best-friendsI’ve started out the new year by thinking a lot about love. The love I feel for my friends and how little difference I feel there is for those I’ve known for years and those I’ve recently met. Also how many different levels there is for love, and yet it’s all the same. Am I making any sense here at all?

Some might argue and say that you can’t tell if someone online is being honest about how they portray themselves, but to be frank: can you say that the people you meet face to face are completely what you see? I’ve experienced (both online and irl) how people seem one way when we first meet but then after a while show me sides of themselves that I have a difficulty accepting. And I do try to accept people for what they are, but there are things I cannot disregard (disrespecting others in any way, racism, sexism, etc…) and that leaves me no choice but to stop seeing them.

It hurts. Every time.

Luckily I’ve not had to drop anyone for quite some time (maybe I’ve stopped attracting douches?).

Inquisition_heraldry_DA2At the moment I’m fully submerged in Dragon Age Inquisition (WHAT AN AWESOME GAME!!!). If I’m not mistaken there’s only one or two main missions before it’s all over, but there are sooo many little assignments left and I WANT TO DO THEM ALL! We’ll see how this goes, I’m itching to make a new character, but I’ve promised myself to finish the game with the one I have (so many new things to explore with another character… sooooo many new things!).

This time I’ve romanced Commander Cullen (adorbs – ADORBS!), but since my next character is going to be Elven I’m going to give Solas a go. I’m ready to go wrestle hubby for the TV, right now, and switch from football to Xbox. But I’m nice (and I’ve already played some today, but that’s really of no importance… hehehe).

Anyhow, another year full of new things and old, and great things and not so great things, and life and death, and love. Always full of love.


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