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nanowrimoI just realised I’ve not blogged for a month… wow.

I have no excuse. Other than that since I very rarely sit at from of a computer it’s not just happening (blogging that is). I could do it from my phone, sure, but honestly it’s more of a hassle than anything trying to get all the words down on that thing. Plus I always seem to get the weirdest autocorrects when I try to do that…

Right now I have no phone (or I have one I borrowed from the store when I handed mine in). Apparently it was overheating and that makes it NOT WORK. I won’t bother with anything on the phone I now have, because it’s a lend and it would be stupid to activate anything that requires passwords etc on it. So no easy internet access for Jenny.

Sucks to be me I guess. 

Since I don’t have my phone and all those things that come with it I’ve decided to also disconnect my laptop (from time to time). This because November and NaNoWriMo is coming and I’ve decided to really give it a go this year. I have my horror story to write and this might be a good a time as any.

So anyone wondering why I’m not out on the webz spreading my joy, this is why (also, since I saved all my phone numbers on Google I have no contacts in my phone – I won’t be contacting anyone as long as I’ve got this borrowed WW2 phone). I might post writing blogs during NaNo, but that’s probably it.

Anyhow, it’s lunchtime and a school holiday this week. Time to feed the horde!



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