I can’t wear glasses or contacts right now, because the left side of my face (and my eye) is swollen and achy (well, it’s only been two days).

Blind as a fucking bat.

I wonder when swollen is too swollen and “need of medical attention” swollen…
Thing is at the moment I can’t get myself anywhere since hubs is away working. I could call my mother in law though, but let’s hope it won’t come to me having to go show my face to a doctor. The stitches come out on Tuesday morning.

The horde is at home today, the twins have caught the wee one’s chicken pox and I kept Pumpkin home from preschool today (so I wouldn’t have to leave the house, very Phantom of the Opera of me).

Anyhow, we’re supposed to be straightening the house today, and bake muffins. I heard a rumour we’re to bake three different kinds! Oooh!