sunshineI don’t have many things that need doing today.

In a few minutes I’ll be feeding the horde some fruit, then hubs and I will think of something for lunch and at 1.30 I’ll be at ballet.

If my schedule doesn’t change too much I might actually make it to most lessons this term (have to scrutinize my calendar though), which would be lovely since I missed most lessons during spring term. 


Thursday this week I was in Stockholm (work trip, 15 country bumpkins in our nation’s capital), but I did manage to get myself to the Science Fiction Bookstore and grab myself a couple of books:

  • “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman (one of my favourites)
  • “Count Zero” by William Gibson
  • “The Sandman Endless Nights” graphic novel, story by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by several artists

I read the graphic novel on the train home, it was awesome!

Initially I was looking for the 3rd Sandman album, but the didn’t have that in the store in Stockholm, so I might have to go to Gothenburg and check there. Oooh! Roadtrip! 

Tomorrow it all starts again, all the kids (and hopefully a few new ones) will return and suddenly it’s business as usual… 

Anyhow, time to peel and chop that fruit!