Towards Finland

Last weekend my family and I went over to the “old country” for my cousin’s wedding. The wedding was on Saturday, but we arrived on Friday because we had decided to make a mini vacation out of it.
We took the night ferry from Stockholm to Turku, first time across for the horde and they thought it was a blast!



One of my favourite places on earth is my uncle’s summer cottage (it lies in the woods between Turku and Pargas). The bushes were full of currants and gooseberries and in the forest we found the odd blueberry. I ate so many berries that I had slight stomach pains (totes worth it!).

The wedding was lovely and I wish my cousin and his wife All The Happiness!
It’s good to be home though, in my own bed surrounded by my own things.

Anyhow, time to read a chapter in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the horde (and then stuff them into their beds).