We’ve had +30C these last few days. It’s been glorious and incredibly hot. The mornings we’ve spent outdoors playing, midday inside trying to keep cool and in the afternoons we’ve gone swimming.
I truly love summer.

Last night we went to a bbq, there were three families all in all and we had a wonderful time. The other two knew each other well, so we were sort of “the new guys”, but they are such sweet people and made us feel right at home.
I made banoffee pie (my drug of choice at the moment) and there was a big Omnomnom – all gone!

It was midnight before we all went to bed, so today is a wee bit on the quiet side. We talked about going swimming, but that’s after Pumpkin has had her nap.

Anyhow, I’ll just sit here out back and listen to the wind in the trees and love everything about the world.