imageWhen it comes to books and movies I can get very (very very) emotional. I cry every time at the end of Forest Gump, Brokeback Mountain and LotR (book and film).

When I read TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) I ugly cried for most of the last bit of the book (snot and all!) and now that I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I keep sniffling off and on.

I’m also mentally preparing myself for Snape’s last scene… Right In The Feels! Every time.




Today I crushed Meredith’s evil rule in Kirkwall. I had sorta thought I’d crush her after the kids had give to bed, but the last fights were: cut-scene -> fight, cut-scene -> fight -> END, and it was all done before I had to rouse Pumpkin from her nap.

Kinda anticlimactic.

Buuuut I have a mage waiting for a play through and I’m also thinking about starting Awakening (though I’ll miss not being able to talk to my companions as much as you do in Origins).

Anyhow, I kinda promised the horde I’d read the last chapters in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone tonight. Better find the book and warm up those vocal cords.