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I’m trying to write. Really trying to get some words down.


Not because I don’t have anything to write, no, it’s Pumpkin sitting in my lap drawing. She’s ill and very clingy, which is fine when watching TV, not so much when I’m at the computer (so please excuse any spelling errors etc, I’m basically writing this with my left hand).

I have a YA short story that I’m close to finishing (might have mentioned it before) and it’s trudging along nicely. I’ve also started co-writing another steampunk Viking story with a mate I met over Twitter and I’m fiddling about with stories with a nice man I’ve met through Google+ (gotta love them social networks).

Anyhow, I’m happy to say it’s close to bedtime for the kids. More writing time for me! Though I need to watch the last bit of Desolation of Smaug tonight (hadn’t the energy to watch the whole thing last night, hubby bought us a copy). All The Tired – All The Time!




Spring has come quite far now, especially with us getting rain. My magnolia has a few buds ready to burst open and I feel the same. Ready to burst open and embrace life.

Days are longer and lighter, driving home from work is no longer done in pitch black night. I’ll miss seeing the stars, but I long to listen to blackbirds in pale evening light.

Today’s plan is to not leave the house, or the yard since I need to go get the paper…

Anyway, Easter holiday is coming up next week and we’re going to go visit my parents. It’ll be grand!


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