Had to get up at 6 am today, because Pumpkin wouldn’t let daddy pick her up from the crib ( mum’s the best). So here we sit, in front of the telly watching a cartoon about a bee.

The twins are still sleeping and we’ll send Pirate off to school today. Princess gets to stay home, one more day to be sure she doesn’t get her fever back.
So I get an extra day to my weekend *and* quality time with my eldest daughter.

They’ve been ill this week, the twins that is, but I’m hoping it’s over for now. It’s really the first time this winter that they’ve stayed home from school.

On the other hand I’m working Friday to Saturday (mini sleepover for our youngest groups of kids, ages 6 – 9).
Work has been almost stressful of late, so much to do and even more to come. We have every weekend planned all the way to Palm Sunday and I’m working all but two. That’s how it is when you’re working at church.

Anyhow, today’s to do list includes grocery shopping, a library visit and hugging.