keep-calm-and-call-commander-shepard-1I had thought to blog three times a week, to get some sort of continuity here.
Ah well, new plan next week.

Work’s trudging along just fine, though I have been home with Pumpkin two days this week (she has a nasty cold, poor thing).
Now we just have to hope that none of us catch it. I for one don’t have time to be ill and I really don’t have to tell you how much being ill sucks.

When it comes to writing I have managed bits and pieces during the week. Looking at older fragments and feeling I want to add/change/finish them. I have a few stories I started last autumn, mostly for the Borderlands Anthology and they have gotten a life of their own. Nice!

Tonight though I’m hoping to play through Mass Effect 3. Shepard is now back on Earth, ready to kick some Reaper butt (yes, I’m talking to you – humongous villainous synthetic-organic sentient beings!)

My workout thing that I’m doing is going alright. I’ve missed some days due to very long workdays or migraines. But the thing with this is that i can easily do two of them in one day, micro-workout.
Today for instance I have two sets that have to be done, this because I wasn’t home until 10 PM and way too tired. It’ll be interesting to see how I do today (I’ve had 3,5h sleep due to Pumpkin not sleeping at all well).

Anyhow, it’s getting late enough for me to tell the horde to go get themselves ready for bed. Me, I’ll have a cuppa tea and pass out work out.