ImageMy little Pumpkin seems to be developing a cold. We were up a few hours last night because she couldn’t sleep and she kept sneezing the whole time (yay – good times ahead). The others have yet to have any “back to school bugs” running around in their systems (just wait for it though). I myself feel like $h|t and if this headache/sore throat and general pain all over won’t go away, I’m staying home tomorrow.

Better to stay home and rest than run the risk of getting real sick…

It’s rather obvious that I’m more than out of it today (yes, more than usually and no I won’t get your jokes today).

In a little while I’m off to my next group, and today I’m working until 9.30 pm. I hate driving (alright, maybe not hate, but I dislike it, a lot) and whenever I’m tired everyone out on the roads are morons and should be relieved of their driver licence.

Today is one of those days when I really (really really) wish I would let myself stuff my face with whatnot and more. I could easily eat two chocolate bars (Snickers would be heaven!).

Anyhow, time to get moving…