ImageToday has been both good and not so good. 

We finally got some snow again (about 5-6 cm I think) and ballet started again after our Christmas break. On the other hand I’m really tired, sad even, and I don’t know why. It could be that after ballet I did this cardio workout and actually strained myself a little too much.

I’m on day seven of the challenge and I haven’t skipped a day this week (proud moment here), nor have I eaten “unhealthy” things. Even when my friend Katrina sent us three (3!!!) boxes of chocolates (might have been for the kids though and I only got the card) I didn’t eat a single piece.

If you know me you KNOW  how big of a deal this is… I’m actually getting slightly grumpy thinking of all the chocolate I haven’t eaten. 

Yay me! 


Anyhow, I need to start writing again. There’s a short story competition I would like to enter and then there’s my Swedish novel. Don’t know when and how I’ll find the time though (more not so good thoughts).