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images-1Four different people, on four different occasions have told me I look different. And when I laughingly asked them if it was a good different or a bad different they all said: “Good! Definitely a good different!”.

I haven’t got a clue on what I’ve done to look so different from before.

  • I accidentally bought a BB creme a shade darker than I previously had, but I rolled with it anyway.
  • I’ve started using bronzer to contour my face when wearing makeup, this after seeing makeup gurus on YouTube use it.
  • I have worked out daily (almost) since January 5th, thanks to 90 Days of Action, the workout program by Neila Ray I found.
  • No chocolate or other type of sweets have passed my lips since January 5th, and I’ve only had a few muffins or  cinnamon rolls (this is the woman who could eat 6 cinnamon rolls in one go!).

Could it be all those things, or is it just one of them? Or is it that I’m happier with everything in my life than I’ve been in so long?

I’m trying to decide which story to start writing next, there are a few ideas that want out… but first I’m going to have some lunch (and a painkiller because my head hurts from too much snot).

Anyhow, this will be a good year.




My laptop is no more. Or rather, my laptop’s charger port (where you plug the chord you know) is no more.

Yesterday it simply stopped charging and it would only supply the laptop with power if I squeezed the plastic around the port.

Talk about sucky things that can happen to you!!!

So after I had a minor to moderate breakdown husband got out his external drive and we managed to move my junk onto there. Can’t believe how much stuff I had on that laptop! Photographs of the kids and whatnot…

Anyhow, we found the same one (new model) on a website and I’m planning on getting my hands on it during the week. I’ll go the nearest shop and grab it off the shelf.

Meh, now I must write by hand or on my phone to continue on the short story I’m currently writing.


keep-calm-and-call-commander-shepard-1I had thought to blog three times a week, to get some sort of continuity here.
Ah well, new plan next week.

Work’s trudging along just fine, though I have been home with Pumpkin two days this week (she has a nasty cold, poor thing).
Now we just have to hope that none of us catch it. I for one don’t have time to be ill and I really don’t have to tell you how much being ill sucks.

When it comes to writing I have managed bits and pieces during the week. Looking at older fragments and feeling I want to add/change/finish them. I have a few stories I started last autumn, mostly for the Borderlands Anthology and they have gotten a life of their own. Nice!

Tonight though I’m hoping to play through Mass Effect 3. Shepard is now back on Earth, ready to kick some Reaper butt (yes, I’m talking to you – humongous villainous synthetic-organic sentient beings!)

My workout thing that I’m doing is going alright. I’ve missed some days due to very long workdays or migraines. But the thing with this is that i can easily do two of them in one day, micro-workout.
Today for instance I have two sets that have to be done, this because I wasn’t home until 10 PM and way too tired. It’ll be interesting to see how I do today (I’ve had 3,5h sleep due to Pumpkin not sleeping at all well).

Anyhow, it’s getting late enough for me to tell the horde to go get themselves ready for bed. Me, I’ll have a cuppa tea and pass out work out.


ImageMy little Pumpkin seems to be developing a cold. We were up a few hours last night because she couldn’t sleep and she kept sneezing the whole time (yay – good times ahead). The others have yet to have any “back to school bugs” running around in their systems (just wait for it though). I myself feel like $h|t and if this headache/sore throat and general pain all over won’t go away, I’m staying home tomorrow.

Better to stay home and rest than run the risk of getting real sick…

It’s rather obvious that I’m more than out of it today (yes, more than usually and no I won’t get your jokes today).

In a little while I’m off to my next group, and today I’m working until 9.30 pm. I hate driving (alright, maybe not hate, but I dislike it, a lot) and whenever I’m tired everyone out on the roads are morons and should be relieved of their driver licence.

Today is one of those days when I really (really really) wish I would let myself stuff my face with whatnot and more. I could easily eat two chocolate bars (Snickers would be heaven!).

Anyhow, time to get moving…


ImageToday has been both good and not so good. 

We finally got some snow again (about 5-6 cm I think) and ballet started again after our Christmas break. On the other hand I’m really tired, sad even, and I don’t know why. It could be that after ballet I did this cardio workout and actually strained myself a little too much.

I’m on day seven of the challenge and I haven’t skipped a day this week (proud moment here), nor have I eaten “unhealthy” things. Even when my friend Katrina sent us three (3!!!) boxes of chocolates (might have been for the kids though and I only got the card) I didn’t eat a single piece.

If you know me you KNOW  how big of a deal this is… I’m actually getting slightly grumpy thinking of all the chocolate I haven’t eaten. 

Yay me! 


Anyhow, I need to start writing again. There’s a short story competition I would like to enter and then there’s my Swedish novel. Don’t know when and how I’ll find the time though (more not so good thoughts). 




  • Better at being nice to me – talking walks and being outside.
  • Better at taking care of my body – working hard at finding an exercise regime that works for me.
  • Better at taking time – time for my writing and creativity.
  • Better at staying in touch – with those important to me.
  • Better at seeing good things – in every day, all the time.
  • Better at being a mother – giving my children more of my time.
  • Better at knowing my limits – weeding my life of those things I really don’t want in it.

Anyhow, work started today. Now it’s all “back to normal” again, whatever that is.


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