I’m 2000 words over my own goal, which feels nice, but I haven’t had much time to write.

Today my youngest wouldn’t take her nap, so I only got about 1h of writing time (I had hoped for at least 2). I am trying at this very moment to get a few more words in, the horde is watching a movie and if they don’t fight or get bored or fall off the sofa this might work out in my favour…

Anyhow, I really should get back to that last scene that need writing… so close, so very close.

I might have spent some of my writing time with watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows pt 2 (and crying my eyes out when Harry is watching Snape’s memories, because OMG do I love that scene, both in the book and in the film!!!).

I haven’t watched the whole of pt 2, the kids ran about and it’s not really a children’s movie. I will though, I must.