3 things I NEED

  1. My own weight in chocolate (which, without saying how much I weigh, is an substantial amount). I shall eat this chocolate all by myself and then not have any feelings of regret as my skin breaks out and my trousers won’t fit.
  2. Buckets and buckets and buckets of lovely tea. I’ve today run out (THE HORROR!!!) of my favourite tea, I even forgot to get more when we went to the shops this evening… I suck.
  3. To not have a life so I can give all my time to writing. The last couple of days I’ve written no more than 70 words (I’ll never make it before deadline!) and I really really need to pick up the pace. The story’s there, just not in written form.

Next week I have a full day at uni (whoppie doo) and I have crapload of things that need doing before November is over (not only short story wise).

Anyhow, I only went to work for a few hours to sort shit stuff out, tomorrow is one of my long and action packed days. Starting at 8 AM and ending at 9.30 PM… I’m thinking I need to get me one of those bags of vinegar crisps to get me through the day… mmm, vinegar crispssssss!