I’m dizzy, slightly nauseous and a bit down. Apparently I have out of place inner ear crystals again… blogged about it ~ 6 months ago.

I’m already staying home today because of hubby having to go on a business trip, so I didn’t have to call in sick, but if this continues tomorrow I might have to stay home another day at least.
My conscience tells me I’m a bad person for even considering this… no matter I’d be a dangerous driver.

Pumpkin and I took a walk after leaving the twins at school, it’s supposed to make the sense of vertigo go away, it didn’t.

One thing that did strike me though was that it felt more like March than November… might be the light and the crisp wind, I dunno. It was nice.


Anyhow, we’re having a snack now (I’ll be chugging buckets of tea today, tea makes everything better).