Baking, the first thing I did today after breakfast. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate topping and a sprinkling of coconut. Yummy! I might bake cinnamon rolls or something other too, depends on what I can find in my cupboards.

Work’s been really busy, immensely fun but really really busy, and I realise it’s hard to find time to sit down and blog (this post is written on my phone).
I’m getting behind on my studies too, although I’ve read everything that needs reading I have yet to write anything on the assignment.

Since going to Rome and Assisi, I missed out on the group thing the had at uni and I need to get in touch with the professor to see what I must do to pass that part of the course (best case scenario is having to do very little, fingers crossed).

My writing had been put aside a little since coming back from Italy. It was a dream to be able to sit for hours at a cafe and write. I know I should be able to find some time here at home too, but that means not doing other things instead (duh)…

I must choose between:
·playing trough Dragon Age 2 again (easy, no sweat and fun)
·write on my story/stories (hard, some sweat and fun)
·studying (easy, boring and did I mention boring)

Hard to choose now, ain’t it!
Also I have NO self-discipline…

Anyhow, the first cake is done, hubby said he’d make lunch, the horde has eaten fruit and I can start checking cupboards for what to bake next. Life is good!