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Ooops, I’ve gone and not blogged again… what with working afternoons and evenings I find it’s so hard to make myself sit down and blog. I also need to take time and read all blog posts I’ve been putting off reading (I’m not going to read all of them, just select the ones that catch my fancy).

Today I’m going to try to do something about my hair, it’s gotten way too long and I’m considering adding some colour to it as well. Though I’m not sure they’ll have time for a cut and colour, I’m just going to pop by the salon and see if they can squeeze me in after lunch. I’ve used clips to get my bangs to not be in my eyes, and even though I ROCK that look I want to have the option of having them down too.

I recently bought makeup brushes (and some more makeup, gotta get new colours to try them out ya know!) and I’ve been playing around with them a couple of times. It’s a new experience to use all these different brushes when putting gunk on, but it does look a lot better and I’m sure once I get the hang of it, it’ll be awesome! Makeup’s always been fun, now it’s even more so.

Last weekend I was at camp with eleven 14 year old’s (in Sweden you go through confirmation at 14, same as Catholic children do at age 7 (?), it’s optional but most do it, at least if your a member of the Church of Sweden). So anyway, we stayed at a place called Skaga from Friday evening to Sunday lunch. They have this tiny Stave Church (go clickety for a explanation), which had to be rebuilt after it burned to the ground in 1999, the new church looks exactly the same and is too cute!

I had one hour off on Saturday and spent most of it sitting in my room writing. I’m almost a 1000 words in to my Steampunk Viking short story, which will be the one I’m sending to the Borderlands Anthology. The plan today (other than getting my hair done) is to add my handwritten stuff to the document on my laptop.

I’m also entering this as my NaNoWriMo piece, it’s not meant to be 50.000 words, but I’m thinking it’ll help me get things done (the deadline for the Anthology is also the 28th of November, which is neat since NaNo ends on the 30th).

Anyhow, I need to go drop my son off at a friend’s house and try to find a friend for my eldest daughter to play with… being twins (or I guess siblings are enough) demands the need for things to be super equal All The Time! 





Baking, the first thing I did today after breakfast. It’s a chocolate cake with chocolate topping and a sprinkling of coconut. Yummy! I might bake cinnamon rolls or something other too, depends on what I can find in my cupboards.

Work’s been really busy, immensely fun but really really busy, and I realise it’s hard to find time to sit down and blog (this post is written on my phone).
I’m getting behind on my studies too, although I’ve read everything that needs reading I have yet to write anything on the assignment.

Since going to Rome and Assisi, I missed out on the group thing the had at uni and I need to get in touch with the professor to see what I must do to pass that part of the course (best case scenario is having to do very little, fingers crossed).

My writing had been put aside a little since coming back from Italy. It was a dream to be able to sit for hours at a cafe and write. I know I should be able to find some time here at home too, but that means not doing other things instead (duh)…

I must choose between:
·playing trough Dragon Age 2 again (easy, no sweat and fun)
·write on my story/stories (hard, some sweat and fun)
·studying (easy, boring and did I mention boring)

Hard to choose now, ain’t it!
Also I have NO self-discipline…

Anyhow, the first cake is done, hubby said he’d make lunch, the horde has eaten fruit and I can start checking cupboards for what to bake next. Life is good!



Assisi lies about 400 metres above sea level, on the side of a mountain looking out over a valley.
It’s beautiful, even when it’s pouring down as it did when we arrived yesterday.
The Basilico de San Francesco is the most famous of the churches here in Assisi, we spent almost 2h wandering through the three levels/different churches there. Then we saw the town and the Basilico de San Chiara, where we ended the tour.
I had been drenched in the thunderstorm we ran through to get to our bus in Rome and had almost no dry clothes, this made me not really appreciate the guided tour… but after a shower and dinner things felt much better.

This morning I went to mass in St Francis church, very interesting since I’ve never been to a Catholic ceremony before.
I then spent an hour at a cafe, drinking cappuccino and writing a short story. This might be the one I send to the Acctuator Anthology, would be cool if it gets accepted since a major part of it is written here in Italy.

After lunch I’m considering walking to one of the other churches here in town, or maybe I’ll just walk around taking pictures.

It’s so nice to have no plans.



I’m off to Rome and Assisi.
It’s with the church and we’re going to have guided tours of the city and churches.
In Assisi we’re getting to know St Francis better (founder of the Franciscans) and I’m sure it’ll all be super awesome!

Unless there’s free WiFi I’m not going online until we’re back in Sweden again on Monday night.

Take care my lovelies.


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