I’ve been having such strange dreams lately… all involving old students and people I only know online (and never met irl). Train rides where we really aren’t on trains (dream logic you know), being flat mates with random people and having glamorous parties in exotic locations (the dresses we wear look like something from a drag show).

How do you interpret dreams like this? I’m speechless (for once)!

The other night the odd dream might have been because of making about 30 open face cheese sandwiches; my hands smelled of cheese for hours, even though I washed them several times!

Work is becoming a routine now, I know where to be and what to do and how to handle things. Very comforting and even though it sucks to work 4 nights a week, I enjoy what I do (meeting people and eating cake).

The diet thing has gone out the window… PMS and the following unmentionable flood put every kilo back and I don’t do disappointment.
Now I just try to eat less, let’s see if I can reach my goal before I die of old age (no no, I’m not bitter!)…

Anyhow, I know there are things I wanted to blog about, but as I’m writing this on my phone, I can’t be bothered right now.