ImageI went to lunch today with my bff (and former colleague at school), I thought it would be nice to say hello to my former students and just catch up with how they are… first thing I hear is a SQUEEEE!!! and suddenly someone’s giving me a huge hug: I was completely love bombed by my students! I choke up even now, thinking about it.

For several days I have had this headache , it comes and goes and nothing really works. But, having this much love thrown at me (that and a greasy hamburger meal for lunch) makes me feel a lot better. In a few hours I’m taking another painkiller, that should get me through the evening (last and only group today is between 7 pm – 9.30 pm).

It’s such a blessing to get to work with kids (ages range from 6 to 19) and be a part of their lives and since I meet them after school, at activities they’ve chosen themselves, they’re all very happy to be here and take part in what we do. I guess I’m quite lucky that way, I’m not likely to meet a kid who doesn’t want to be here and who I have to keep interested and content (which too often was the case when I worked at school, you teachers know how it is…). When I do meet a kid that’s less than inclined to participate all I say is: “Alright, what DO you want to do?” or “Alright, do what you want, but not too loud.” – I really really like this part of my job.

Anyhow, tomorrow I have to get my bum down to Gothenburg because my new course at Uni starts (gah! super boring but very much needed if I want my teacher’s degree). Luckily hubby has a thing there tomorrow too and we can go in the car, this means I don’t have to get up at soddin’-o-clock (just gah-o-clock) and will have time for makeup and whatnot. AND I will be able to have breakfast (I’m not keen on eating in the morning, it’s too bloody early!).

Well, time to get some things done… like get marshmallows for tonight’s group and such.