It’s perfectly clear that Autumn is here and that school has started, the kids have been taking turns in being ill the last couple of days. Today it’s my son and my youngest daughter who both have a fever and need to stay home for at least a day.
It was my turn to take a day off from work and care for them, which I don’t mind since my new job isn’t as unforgiving about this as my last one was… if they need to stay at home tomorrow my husband will deal with it (it’s nice when taking turns works).

I got my hair sorted the other day, just a cut because I can live with having 10 cm or more of my natural colour showing (I really didn’t feel like sitting there for over two hours on a Saturday) and it’s not such a big difference in colour anyway.

Anyhow, I need to keep a close eye on Pumpkin, she keeps turning the Xbox off when my son’s playing Animalkinect. Extremely annoying and very difficult… she’s only 2 years old and just laughs when I tell her off (argh!).