First day with the kids yesterday, it went very well and I feel that I’m in the right place. It is exhausting though, but I guess it’s like that for everyone the first couple of days at any new job.

Today I have a really bad headache, it’s bordering on a migraine, nothing’s helping and all I can hope for is for it to go away by itself… ngh! I have no time for resting though, two out of three kids are home with a fever. Granted they’re not very active (mostly lying around on the sofa watching the telly ), but that doesn’t mean I get to lie down too. There’s water to be fetched and fruit to be peeled and in a few hours lunch needs to be ready (I’m clueless as to what we’re having.  Pizza? But it’s too much of an hassle to order and go get, no we don’t have home delivery).

Anyhow, as you may understand I have little time for writing. I’m way to tired to come up with anything, all I do is stare at the empty page and go: “Ummm…” and then nothing. Great!
I really need to get my hair cut too, but I can’t see that gaining anytime soon. There’s no time during the week and this weekend hubby’s off to Amsterdam (workplace kickoff, clog dancing and tulip picking no doubt).
One thing I AM doing this week is having sushi! On Wednesday I have a really (really really) long break and since I feel very sorry for myself today, I’ll treat my poor self to sushi (AWESOME).