ImageI’m on this mailing list, it’s a Swedish sci-fi/fantasy/horror mailing list that’s been around for AGES. Every year they have a short story competition (1st prize 999 Swekr, 2nd 499 Swekr and 3d 299 Swekr – YOU go check what that’s in your currency!) and I’ve sent stuff two years now.

First year I got nothing, but last year I got an honorable mention!

I had no idea… I saw it today when I went and looked around on their site to check the rules for this years competition.

You see, the guy in charge of this list sends out between five to ten emails EVERY DAY! And honestly, I only read those I can be bothered with. And since I didn’t win anything last year I just chose to not read the email telling us about winners and honorable mentions.

Silly me, I mean I could have just checked what the winning short stories were called… s’not as if I was miffed because I didn’t win (yeah, you believe that you believe anything).

Anyhow, I’ve been feeling quite down the last couple of days (no particular reason, just been in a bit of a stink) and seeing this today made me very very happy.

I think I know which story to send this year, I just need to read it again and maybe have someone proofread it too. The ending is not very good and I need help to improve that part.

Also, I need that story for James to come along. But HOW!?! A rewrite might be in order… blergh.