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This morning I listened to a story about an old woman who presented herself with the words: “I’m old, I live by myself, I have wonderful children and lovely grandchildren and at the end of the day I’m actually happy with myself.”

Think about this for a minute.

To be happy: with who you are, where you are, why you are…

There is only one You – and you are AWESOME! No, don’t argue with me, I’m right about this and you should never let yourself be less than the best You (which comes naturally, since no one else can do the job).

Go out into the world, be the awesome person that only you can be and remember to be happy about the little things (and the big things, and the medium sized things, and the teeny tiny things, and the humongous things).

xoxo minionperfection



First day with the kids yesterday, it went very well and I feel that I’m in the right place. It is exhausting though, but I guess it’s like that for everyone the first couple of days at any new job.

Today I have a really bad headache, it’s bordering on a migraine, nothing’s helping and all I can hope for is for it to go away by itself… ngh! I have no time for resting though, two out of three kids are home with a fever. Granted they’re not very active (mostly lying around on the sofa watching the telly ), but that doesn’t mean I get to lie down too. There’s water to be fetched and fruit to be peeled and in a few hours lunch needs to be ready (I’m clueless as to what we’re having.  Pizza? But it’s too much of an hassle to order and go get, no we don’t have home delivery).

Anyhow, as you may understand I have little time for writing. I’m way to tired to come up with anything, all I do is stare at the empty page and go: “Ummm…” and then nothing. Great!
I really need to get my hair cut too, but I can’t see that gaining anytime soon. There’s no time during the week and this weekend hubby’s off to Amsterdam (workplace kickoff, clog dancing and tulip picking no doubt).
One thing I AM doing this week is having sushi! On Wednesday I have a really (really really) long break and since I feel very sorry for myself today, I’ll treat my poor self to sushi (AWESOME).


…but I’m beat after my first week at my new job (which is totally awesome, so far).

The twins have started school and my little one is back at preschool, they all seem to adjust to this new schedule, though they’ve been very tired today. It’s a bit weird to have to be places at certain times, after seven weeks of no hurry it’s going to take some adjusting for me… but then I’m not the most workaholic type person. I might never adjust to work.


Anyhow, kids asleep (and now they all wake up and start demanding my attention…) and it’s time for some Friday telly, and maybe a drink, though I might fall asleep myself before even publishing this post.


Hubby and I are going to Stockholm tomorrow, no kids. We’re going shopping and then in the evening we’re invited to a party at some friends. It’s the first time we’re away from little Pumpkin over the night, the twins have been sleeping over at their grans several times already. I’m not in the least worried, they’ll all have a lovely time and me and the hubby get some quality time together as well.

I tweeted about my concerns about what to wear tomorrow night and GOT THE BEST ANSWER, EVER!


Sadly, I can’t make it happen… I’m wearing a pale yellow 50’s inspired dress and as far as I know it’s not a part of Femshep’s wardrobe (now I have to play the game and check though… the hardship!).

Anyhow, I’m writing away on my YA again. Things are coming together and I feel very happy and content. I always (almost every year) tell myself to finish it before New Year… we’ll see. To start again is at least a beginning.



I was up at 6 am this morning because Pumpkin thought it was time to meet the day (she did try at 5, but I got her to fall asleep again). I truly do not like mornings, there’s nothing good about them (except for that first cuppa tea, that’s just heavenly)!

I’m sure I’ve told you about this dieting method I’m trying out: fast two days (500 calories) and eat “normally” the other five of the week. If I haven’t, now you know.
Anyway, I’ve been doing it for five weeks now and to begin with I wasn’t very impressed… I didn’t lose a single gram (or I jojoed one kg down and then right back up again). But now, now I’ve lost 2,5 kg and I think I’ll give it a try for a little while longer.
The hardest part was knowing how many calories I’ve eaten. I got an app for my phone and Hey Presto! it became much easier. Best thing is I count calories every day and thus prevent myself from stuffing my face (something I’m very good at, especially when bored).

Anyhow, fun things happen when interacting with people on the interweb. Tonight I’m going for a walk with a new friend I’ve met via Google+. We’ve only talked online, but she lives nearby and I think it’s time we met.
I love meeting new people, online or IRL, it’s what makes life interesting!


Say it again, and then one more time.

After having a bit of a dry spell when it comes to writing during summer; I’m back on the horse/train/spaceship/wagon again.
I’m 1500 words along on my story for James (if that’s the one I’m going to use that is) and I’m feeling good about it. The ending is fairly set, though I might surprise myself (which I do all the time, I wish I wasn’t so easily fooled by myself…).
We’ve had thunder and heavy rain showers for two, three days now, meaning I’ve had a headache for as long. The headaches won’t really go away unless we have proper thunder, but so far we’ve only had some around us, nothing to clear the air completely.



ImageI’m on this mailing list, it’s a Swedish sci-fi/fantasy/horror mailing list that’s been around for AGES. Every year they have a short story competition (1st prize 999 Swekr, 2nd 499 Swekr and 3d 299 Swekr – YOU go check what that’s in your currency!) and I’ve sent stuff two years now.

First year I got nothing, but last year I got an honorable mention!

I had no idea… I saw it today when I went and looked around on their site to check the rules for this years competition.

You see, the guy in charge of this list sends out between five to ten emails EVERY DAY! And honestly, I only read those I can be bothered with. And since I didn’t win anything last year I just chose to not read the email telling us about winners and honorable mentions.

Silly me, I mean I could have just checked what the winning short stories were called… s’not as if I was miffed because I didn’t win (yeah, you believe that you believe anything).

Anyhow, I’ve been feeling quite down the last couple of days (no particular reason, just been in a bit of a stink) and seeing this today made me very very happy.

I think I know which story to send this year, I just need to read it again and maybe have someone proofread it too. The ending is not very good and I need help to improve that part.

Also, I need that story for James to come along. But HOW!?! A rewrite might be in order… blergh.



The reason I haven’t been blogging is that I haven’t sat down at a computer, I’ve only used mine to watch movies on Netflix and listen to music on Spotify, and that doesn’t leave much time for blogging (the once I have published here are written on my phone, which isn’t the best device for writing blog posts). But now I’m back!

Where to start?

Well, I have a job. It’s with the church and I’ll be helping with the kids and youth groups, the choir(s) and parent-kid groups.

It’s 80%, meaning I’ll have one day off (which is good because I’m still studying for my teacher’s degree, study pace at 50%). It’s also about 30 min to drive, but that’s okay. I’m certain I’ll be very happy there. One reason might be the trip they have planned in October… to ROME and ASSISI!!! I mean: OH MY GOD (whatta you know, a little pun). I doubt they make trips like this very often, I’m just very lucky that this is the year they had money to go to Italy.

*happy dance!*


One thing I like about Summer is that you can go weeks without make-up (I guess others go weeks during other parts of the year, I don’t). I’ve only been using make-up maybe five times during the last two months, and only when I’ve ventured out and about among people. It’s not that I HAVE TO put stuff on my face to feel pretty, it’s because I LIKE to put stuff on my face.

Make-up is so much fun and I love looking at tutorials on YouTube, trying to figure out how I can make that work with the stuff I have at home (I’m not going out to buy gunk just because that’s what they’re using).

And make-up’s the best, if you’re feeling like crap and think you look like crap – a little spit and polish and gunk on your face and you’re as good as new! If you don’t say anything about your bad mood people will think you’re fine, if that’s what you want them to think. Brilliant!

All I have to sort out now is my hair… mum helped me with the fringe. It was a wee bit too long (she on the other hand cut it too short, good thing hair grows out again…) and now it’s just right. The rest of my hair is a complete mess. I desperately need to cut a few cm off and I really don’t know when I’ll have the time for it.

I’m not going to colour it this time, I’m actually thinking of letting my real colour grow back out again, but still. It’ll take 30 min or more to get it done, and the salons where we live are IMPOSSIBLE to get appointments at. I have to try though, I want my hair to be nice when my job starts in two weeks. Hair’s important!

I’ve also started playing through Mass Effect again! I’m now blasting my way through abominations in 3, and I really don’t want it all to end (again). I love love love that game!

Another game I’m really looking forward to is Dragon Age Inquisition! It seems so awesome! I love 1 and 2 (don’t care what people say about any of those two games,  THEY’RE EPIC!). It can’t come soon enough!

The short story for James that I stared to write in the beginning of summer hasn’t really gone anywhere… I got stuck and the mad at it. I might look at it again in a few days. On the other hand I have another story I’m really liking. Not sure what it is… but what I have is great! Maybe this can be another shot at the genre hopping short story I want to write.

Anyhow, it’s getting late and I really need to get some sleep tonight (Pumpkin was awake almost two hours last night… gah!).


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