We’ve had a brilliant time at my parents!

Swimming in the Baltic sea, playing outside, some shopping done (wellies for Pumpkin and other neat stuff) and eating way too much good food (and candy and cake).

Bad thing is that Pumpkin gets car sick and pukes all over herself… I sincerely hope we get the whole way home tomorrow without her being sick.
Not only do I feel so very sorry for her, but driving with that smell in the car – not the best way to go.

We’re leaving as early as possible, the twins have a birthday party at 1 PM and I’ve promised to help with it.
It is a 3,5h drive and it would be nice to be able to breathe before having to set off for the party (it’s the Princess’s best friend’s party, so we cannot miss it!).

Anyhow, I need to get my (beauty?) sleep, or some kind of “being able to drive home without losing it”-sleep.

Oh! Before I forget: I might have landed a job! *happy dance!* I’ll tell you more when it’s certain…