I have another interview next week, at a school. They’re looking for a Swedish/English teacher and even though the principal told me they wanted someone older (apparently they have very young teachers), she wanted me to come by for a chat. Nice!
Two interviews after bitching about no one wanting me.

I am more interested in the job I’m being interviewed for tomorrow, it’s working with children and youth at church. Kids groups and confirmation groups, with camps and other fun things. It’s not teaching, not really, but it’s working with young people and that’s what I love to do (keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!).
After the interview the horde and I are going to go visit my parents. It’s a little over 3h drive and I’m hoping Pumpkin will sleep most of the way (she’s tricky, sometimes she’ll sleep only half an hour in the car, other times she’ll sleep very well…).
We will stop and eat something (muffins & cinnamon buns & oatmeal cookies & lemonade), but I’d love for her to at least be content with sitting in the car.

Anyhow, we’re in for lovely weather thus week and I think we’ll go swimming almost every day. Can’t ask more from a summer trip to the shores of the Baltic sea…