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Here are some pictures from our three day vacation on the Swedish west coast.
Needless to say, it was AWESOME!

















Yesterday I went to the village where I grew up. I spent almost two hours at the church and the ruins of the convent.
First I sat on my favorite bench, soaking up the rays. It was a wonderful, sunny and warm day, so warm that I had to move from said bench and find another in the shade. I had fizzy water, fruit salad and a packet of crisps with me and while eating I started to write a story in my head.


I’m not really sure where it’s going just yet, it has started out as a contemporary (maybe romance, maybe thriller, maybe something else). It might also be another genre hopping story for James’ anthology. It was fun writing it, and having that time for myself was complete and total bliss. I needed that.


The evening was spent with my buddy, we went to see World War Z (Brad Pitt… mmm!) And even though I’m not a zombie loving type of person, the film was really good. I’d recommend you go see it, if you haven’t already (Brad Pitt!).

Anyhow, tonight my bff Ida is having a concert (well her and this dude on a cembalo. ~Thanx to Carl-Johan for telling me how to spell it.~) at a local church. Haven’t seen her in ages! I had planned to go see her and her husband, but there was no time… maybe I can make that trip this autumn.
First we need to go grocery shopping though, we have no food!


Don’t know why, but today’s a really down day.

I’m sad and tired and all I want is to go somewhere else. Escape the world.

I wonder if tomorrow will be any better…




We’ve had a brilliant time at my parents!

Swimming in the Baltic sea, playing outside, some shopping done (wellies for Pumpkin and other neat stuff) and eating way too much good food (and candy and cake).

Bad thing is that Pumpkin gets car sick and pukes all over herself… I sincerely hope we get the whole way home tomorrow without her being sick.
Not only do I feel so very sorry for her, but driving with that smell in the car – not the best way to go.

We’re leaving as early as possible, the twins have a birthday party at 1 PM and I’ve promised to help with it.
It is a 3,5h drive and it would be nice to be able to breathe before having to set off for the party (it’s the Princess’s best friend’s party, so we cannot miss it!).

Anyhow, I need to get my (beauty?) sleep, or some kind of “being able to drive home without losing it”-sleep.

Oh! Before I forget: I might have landed a job! *happy dance!* I’ll tell you more when it’s certain…



I have another interview next week, at a school. They’re looking for a Swedish/English teacher and even though the principal told me they wanted someone older (apparently they have very young teachers), she wanted me to come by for a chat. Nice!
Two interviews after bitching about no one wanting me.

I am more interested in the job I’m being interviewed for tomorrow, it’s working with children and youth at church. Kids groups and confirmation groups, with camps and other fun things. It’s not teaching, not really, but it’s working with young people and that’s what I love to do (keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow!).
After the interview the horde and I are going to go visit my parents. It’s a little over 3h drive and I’m hoping Pumpkin will sleep most of the way (she’s tricky, sometimes she’ll sleep only half an hour in the car, other times she’ll sleep very well…).
We will stop and eat something (muffins & cinnamon buns & oatmeal cookies & lemonade), but I’d love for her to at least be content with sitting in the car.

Anyhow, we’re in for lovely weather thus week and I think we’ll go swimming almost every day. Can’t ask more from a summer trip to the shores of the Baltic sea…



I’ve got a job interview on Tuesday next week! *happy dancing!*
It’s 80%, but that works well with my studying. I’ll tell you all about it after the interview…

Now I’m going to save the galaxy as Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 2 is so awesome!).


· Because everything smells lovely when it rains
· Because everything smells lovely when the sun’s shining
· Because the sun sets at 11.30 pm and rises at 2.30 am
· Because ice cream tastes extra good when you have to hurry up and eat it before it melts
· Because you don’t have to put that many clothes on when you’re going somewhere
· Because the washing smells wonderful after hanging out to dry
· Because swimming in the Baltic sea and sunning on the cliffs is something I grew up doing
· Because Scandinavian summers are the best summers on the entire planet



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