ImageGoodbye Bowl Of Fruit

ImageHello “Goodbye Lunch”

ImageGoodbye Red Pen I Mark Papers With

ImageGoodbye Office

ImageGoodbye Door I Put Funny Pictures On

So, last day… went by quickly. I can’t tell you what I did, don’t really remember.

Probably means I didn’t do that much anyway.

Had a lovely lunch with Roomie, took Goodbye pictures of things, hugged a few people, sent everyone a funny video, packed my stuff and went home.

Anyhow, didn’t get much writing done… but I guess I’ll have time for that later (s’not like I’ve got anything planned). Tonight husband’s playing Skyrim (new character, of course) and I’ll watch the rest of Room With a View (brilliant movie that).

I got the results from the doctor about the moles they removed: NOTHING. A nice end to this week/day I think.