• I would love to be able to live off my writing.
  • I wish we had enough money for me to be able to go all in.
  • I want my dreams to be made of chocolate (that way I can eat them if they don’t come true).

    In America dreams come true...

    In America dreams come true…

Today I have two things: rewrite my application letter (need to add some things to make it better) and write my short story for James. I got really excited when I found out that the way I saw things were close to what he wanted (the switching genres part of the story). Great minds think alike, eh? 

I really need to get my hair cut, my fringe is in my eyes and I have to search for hair clips every morning (no, I never remember where I put them the night before). This time I’m not going to get it coloured, it’s the middle of summer and the sun’s going to mess my hair up enough as it is (if you didn’t know before you’ll know now: the sun bleaches your hair and dries it out, making it more brittle – you don’t need to add chemicals at all, nature does it all for you).

I’ve been told to cut my own hair, but no. Ain’t gonna happen. Because I don’t want to look more of a freak than I already do (no comments on that. Please).

I managed to finish my letter, now it’s off to the printer (that’s right, they won’t accept applications via email. Only snail mail). I hope, hope, hope they find me interesting enough to at least ask me to come for an interview…

or: They’ll hire me, I’m AWESOME!

Anyhow, time to continue writing on that short story. Or maybe continue on the one I started writing in bed last night (I love Google Drive and Evernote, they make writing in bed on your phone sooo easy).