I’ve almost cleared my desk and the cabinet and drawers, there are just some folders I haven’t looked through yet. I need to take the big pile of paper I decided to throw away down to the dumpster (because they don’t empty the waste bin in the filing room until tomorrow and I can’t have that big pile of junk in my office one more day) and after that I only have some files on my laptop to sort.

I’ll be done by Wednesday, the latest… but I have to sit here on my butt (something not completely unpleasant since I have enough junk in my trunk to park comfortably anywhere).

ImageI guess I could read, write on my stories, paint my nails, learn origami… but there’s something about being at work with no work to do that doesn’t sit well with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I procrastinate with the best of them, but then I always have something I REALLY need to do but decide to ignore for the time being. Procrastination as such isn’t very thrilling.

Anyhow, my short story got stuck yesterday. It turned out baaaaad and I’m thinking of writing a new one (that, or I have to go in and rewrite most of it, which I don’t feel like right now). I have some other ideas in the back of my mind, more of seedlings than fully developed story lines, but that’s better than nothing. Right?

Right. Back to those last folders and that huge stack of papers…