One thing that’s really different between working and staying at home is the amount of laundry you get done.

When I was home with Pumpkin our laundry basket was as close to empty as laundry baskets get – now (when we’ve been working the both of us) it’s hardly ever anything but overflowing. Then we spend the weekends doing laundry and hanging and sorting the washing, time I’d rather spend with the kids or even writing.

Well, we’re now down to half a laundry basket and we have clean socks and underwear enough between us (which is as far as I’m willing to go right now, I’m not staying up all night washing shirts). No laundry crisis foreseen in the week to come…

I have also decided to not bother with my appearance this week, I’m only cleaning and clearing my desk and the only one who’s going to get a good look at me is my roomie (sorry love, but I’m not going to do more than brush my hair and my teeth, and put clothes on – obviously *eye roll*).

My good friend and writer James Wymore (go clickety and check out his blog) asked me the other day if I’d like to submit something to an anthology he’ll be working with after the release of his new book The Actuator (clickety clickety clickety). I said YES straight away (duuuh).

So today I’ve started on a short which might turn out great (when I find out where it’s going). The wonderful thing about this is that the characters in these stories jump between genres, that means you have so much freedom in choosing what’ll happen (which you always do of course, but now you can have laser weapons in a story that started out with bows and arrows). Awesome!

Anyhow, tonight I’m letting my YA rest a little while I let “Legs” McCoy take my hand and lead me to her fate…