ImageToday’s really warm and humid, I think we’ll have thunder storms before evening (or I hope we do, because this is too much). It’s actually a perfect summer’s day, but as I said yesterday: Nice weather on Midsummer is sooo weird!

I made some ice tea after breakfast, it’s chilled enough to drink now and it was just lovely! I always make buckets of ice tea during summer, it’s by far the best thirst quencher.

Right now we’re waiting for it to be 2 pm, there are Midsummer celebrations nearby that we’re thinking of joining (Pumpkin’s having her nap, so we’re waiting for here to wake too). There’ll be a May pole and dancing, coffee and cake, lottery tickets, candy and people. According to my husband it’s been like that forever (!), even the stalls are in the same place year after year… comforting, to some at least.

Anyhow, I’m taking the opportunity to write some now that everyone else is occupied by something (Pumpkin napping, twins watching a movie and husband playing Skyrim).Think I need to move scenes about, some of them don’t make sense now that I’ve read it all.